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TitleNew Guinea Civilians Previously Reported Missing Now Reported Lost at Sea
TypeGovernment record
Archival SourceNew Guinea Civilians and New Guinea Missionaries, previously reported missing, now lost at sea, c. 1946, Series A7030 Item 11; A7030 Lists of Servicemen and Civilians reported missing or lost etc. Papua and New Guinea; CA 42 Department of External Territories [I], Central Office; National Archives of Australia, National Office
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New Guinea Civilians Previously Reported Missing Now Reported Lost at Sea
Adams, H.A.Planter
Member of Legislative Council for Territory of New Guinea
Allen, A.G.Planter
Allen, W.E.Police Officer, Administration
Ash, N.E.Police Officer, Administration
Ashby, S.A.Planter
Atherton, J.M.Dispenser, Administration
Atkinson, W.Planter
Banks, E.Hotel manager
Barnes, C.W.Printer, Rabaul Printing Works
Bath, V.G.Labour Overseer, W.R. Carpenter & Co
Beck, N.R.Labour Overseer, Administration
Bell, D.J.Plantation Manager, W.R. Carpenter & Co
Berman, R.A.Plantation Manager, W.R. Carpenter & Co
Bowman, H.Medical Assistant, Administration
Box, W.C.Planter
Brett, G.L.Mine Employee, Papua
Brinston, H.G.W.Clerk, Administration
Brown, R.A.L.Mechanic, Administration
Brown, T.G.Police Officer, Administration
Bruckshaw, A.F.Clerk, Administration
Bunny, J.Plantation Inspector, W.R. Carpenter & Co
Burke, J.D.Clerk, Administration
Bye, E.C.Ship's Captain, W.R. Carpenter & Co
Cameron, A.Mechanic, Administration
did not embark
Campbell, C.J.Visitor
Cannon, C.F.Ship's Officer, W.R. Carpenter & Co
Carlysle, L.Plantation Overseer, W.R. Carpenter & Co
Carr, L.A.A.Road Overseer, Administration
Carson, L.Planter
Clark, I.Medical Assistant, Administration
Clark, R.L.Company Manager
Member of Legislative Council for Territory of New Guinea
Clunn, C.Storeman, Burns Philp & Co
Cobb, F.Plantation Manager, W.R. Carpenter & Co
Coe, P.E.R.Clerk, Administration
Considine, L.A.Clerk, Administration
Cook, R.E.Accountant, W.R. Carpenter & Co
Coomber, A.Medical Assistant, Administration
Cooper, Dr R.W.Medical Officer, Administration
Coote, P.Company Manager, Burns Philp & Co
Crocker, M.C.Agricultural Inspector, Administration
Cruise, J.B.Dispenser, Administration
Davies, R.X Ray Technician, Administration
Daymond, J.E.Assistant District Officer, Administration
Dockrill, W.Poultry Farmer
Dodd, H.Clerk, Custodian's Office
Doyle, H.G.Plantation Manager
Doyle, N.Manufacturer
Downs, J.Timber Worker
Drane, C.T.Manager, Vacuum Oil Company
Duus, W.L.Telephone Technician, PMG's Department
Earl, R.B.Planter
Edwards, J.H.Labour Overseer, Burns Philp & Co
Edwards, M.S.Patrol Officer, Administration
Eglinton, A.M.Storeman, Administration
Einsiedel, E.R.Clerk, Burns Philp & Co
Evans, T.E.Medical Assistant, Administration
Field, C.R.Director of Public Works, Administration
Member of Legislative Council for Territory of New Guinea
Filan, S.H.Clerk, Administration
Florance, V.A.Solicitor
New Guinea Volunteer Rifles
Forsyth, R.H.Clerk, Administration
Fulton, H.Clerk, Burns Philp & Co
Garrett, T.Planter
Gascoigne, C.J.Auctioneer
Gascoigne, I.N.Clerk
Goad, J.C.Medical Assistant, Administration
Gray, K.M.Medical Assistant, Administration
Green, A.S.Plantation Manager, Burns Philp & Co
Green, E.C.D.Agricultural Superintendant, Administration
Greenwood, F.O.Planter
Greenwood, W.Plantation Manager, W.R. Carpenter & Co
Gregory, H.A.District Officer, Administration
Hamilton, J.E.Store Manager, W.R. Carpenter & Co
Hamilton, L.Planter
Hawnt, E.M.Telephone Foreman, Administration
Hay, Dr A.Medical Officer, Administration
Herket, T.H.Agricultural Inspector
Heron, W.L.Planter
Herron, A.G.Bank Official, Commonwealth Bank
Hogan, G.Crown Law Officer, Administration
Member of Legislative Council for Territory of New Guinea
Holden, H.Timber Worker
Holland, H.D.Manager, Amalgamated Wireless Australasia Ltd
Hoogerwweff, J.Manager, Rabaul Printing Works
Hosking, Dr H.C.Medical Officer, Administration
Houghton, C.W.Plantation Manager
New Guinea Volunteer Rifles
Jervis, C.C.Planter
Kelly, E.T.C.Agricultural Inspector, Administration
King, A.J.Audit Clerk, Commonwealth Government
Livingstone, W.J.Police Officer, Administration
Lockhart, J.Health Inspector, Administration
McCheane, G.Butcher, Rabaul Freezer
McDougall, D.Police Officer, Administration
McEvoy, J.T.Planter
Mackellar, C.Planter
McLaren, T.W.Baker, Rabaul
Maclean, C.H.R.Manager, W.R. Carpenter & Co
Macpherson, R.Accountant, FV Saunders
Mantle, F.W.District Officer, Administration
Mater, C.S.P.Clerk, Administration
Millington, B.Ship's Officer, W.R. Carpenter & Co
Mitchell, E.H.F.Patrol Officer, Administration
New Guinea Volunteer Rifles
Moore, R.K.P.Planter
Muggleton, H.A.Planter
Mulligan, E.W.C.Baker
Mulvey, N.Engineer, Administration
Murray, G.H.Director of Agriculture, Administration
Member of Legislative Council for Territory of New Guinea
Naulty, P.G.Police Officer, Administration
Nunan, A.C.Sawmiller, W.R. Carpenter & Co
Oaten, F.E.Plantation Manager, Burns Philp & Co
O'Dwyer, N.Planter
Ormond, J.L.Plantation Manager, HL Cameron
Page, H.H.Govt Secretary and Deputy Administrator, Administration
Member of Legislative Council for Territory of New Guinea
Parry, A.R.Senior Medical Assistant, Administration
Perrett, A.Mechanic, Administration
Pickering, M.B.Clerk, Administration
Pinching, E.Plantation Manager, W.R. Carpenter & Co
Pines, C.M.Senior Medical Assistant, Administration
Plunkett, T.M.Telephone Technician, PMG's Dept
Raff, G.S.Bank Officer, Commonwealth Bank
Rand, D.Plantation Manager, Burns Philp & Co
Rankin, D.J.Storeman, Administration
New Guinea Volunteer Rifles
Reed, A.R.Dairy Farmer
Renton, A.Plumber
Reynolds, J.A.Clerk, Administration
Roberts, D.L.Teacher, Administration
Robinson, H.E.Accountant, Administration
Robinson, W.Plantation Overseer
Ryan, W.J.Departmental Manager, Burns Philp & Co
Saunders, F.V.Planter
Savage, S.K.Clerk, Administration
Sawkins, A.Plantation Manager, Burns Philp & Co
Schmidt, A.Head Teacher, Administration
Scott, H.Plantation Manager, Roberts & Cooper
Sedgers, J.C.Plantation Inspector, W.R. Carpenter & Co
Setchell, W.P.Plantation Manager, W.R. Carpenter & Co
Shebler, A.Chemist
Smith, D. M.c.D.Foreman Carpenter, Administration
Smith, J.O.Overseer Native Labour, Administration
Smith, J.Postmaster, Administration
Snook, S.Police Officer, Administration
Solomon, E.E.Mechanic, Administration
Solomons, R.L.Clerk, Administration
Squires, R.T.Senior Medical Assistant, Administration
Staley, W.G.Road Overseer, Administration
Stephen, R.J.Departmental Manager, W.R. Carpenter & Co
Stevens, R.H.Clerk, Administration
Stewart, J.Overseer, Administration
Strathearn, A.J.Clerk, Administration
Symes, H.H.C.Plantation Manager
Thomas, C.Police Officer, Administration
Thompson, L.C.Medical Assistant, Administration
Tichener, J.Agricultural Inspector, Administration
Townsend, H.O.Treasurer, Administration
Member of Legislative Council for Territory of New Guinea
Tritton, A.J.Bank Officer, Commonwealth Bank
Turnbull, H.F.Telephone Technician, PMG Dept
Tynan, J.Merchant Seaman, Herstein
Voss, G.H.D.Teacher, Administration
Walker, T.Police Officer, Administration
Wallace, T.V.Journalist and Trader
Walsh, T.R.Telephone Techician, Administration
Washington, H.J.Planter
Wayne, R.N.Interpreter, Administration
Whiteman, A.K.Senior Clerk, Administration
Wilkin, W.M.Planter
Wilmot, P.Plantation Manager, W.R. Carpenter & Co
Youlden, R.Clerk, Administration
New Guinea Missionaries Previously Reported Missing Now Reported Lost at Sea
Abbot, Pastor E.M.Seventh Day Adventist Mission
Alley, Rev D.C.Methodist Missionary Society of New Zealand
Beazley, Mr S.C.Methodist Missionary Society of Australasia
Brennan, Rev Brother C.A.Catholic Mission of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus
Collett, Mr TrevorSeventh Day Adventist Mission
Hennessy, Rev Father J.Marist Mission Society
Linggood, Rev W.L.I.Methodist Missionary Society of Australasia
McArthur, Rev L.A.Methodist Missionary Society of Australasia
Member of Legislative Council for Territory of New Guinea
McCullagh, Rev Father D.Catholic Mission of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus
Oakes, Rev W.D.Methodist Missionary Society of Australasia
Pearce, Mr E.W.Methodist Missionary Society of Australasia
Pearson, Rev H.J.Methodist Missionary Society of Australasia
Poole, Rev J.W.Methodist Missionary Society of Australasia
Shelton, Rev H.B.Methodist Missionary Society of Australasia
Simpson, Rev T.N.Methodist Missionary Society of Australasia
Trevitt, Rev J.W.Methodist Missionary Society of Australasia
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