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    To commemorate the civilians from New Ireland who died during the war a plaque was unveiled in Kavieng on the 4th of July 2002.

    Roll of Honour Lightbody - Pinnock

    LIGHTBODY, Harrison Leigh died 2 March 1943 at Panapei plantation aged 51. Artillery sergeant WWI Egypt and France. The Japanese allowed a funeral at Lemakot Catholic Mission on 3 March 1943 [Sr.Brigitta, Fr.Peekel thought October 1942] and other planters attended. Area plantation manager at Kalili plantation on west coast for Burns Philp.

    LIN TRAO shot by Japanese, probably in mid November 1944, at Luburua Kempetai Police HQs for cooperating with his father-in-law Fan Kim of Tabar suspected of providing information on Japanese Forces to enemy spy. (AWM 54 1010/9/27 information of Lt.Col.T.Sato Chief Staff officer 17.1.1946)

    LIVINGSTONE, William James 'Bill' drowned 1 July 1942 aged 37. Warrant Officer of Police Kavieng. 1 of only 6 civilians in Kavieng on 22 January 1942. Husband of Mary.

    MCPHERSON, Roy Stewart drowned 1 July 1942 aged 32. Former teacher at Kavieng European school before working for Saunders at Kavieng. One of those who attempted to escape from Kavieng in 5 boats on 21 January 1942. Caught by invading Japanese at Albatross Passage and returned to Kavieng jail. Later sent to Rabaul.

    MACKELLAR, Colin 'Masta Koll' drowned 1 July 1942 aged 45, of Pigibut plantation Simberi Island Tabar group. Possibly one of those who attempted to escape from Kavieng on 21 January 1942 in 5 boats one of which the Zenda was owned by him. They were captured by the invading Japanese and returned to Kavieng jail. Later sent to Rabaul. A WWI ex serviceman who had been in France. He arrived in Rabaul in February 1921 on the Makasia for New Ireland working with the Expropriation Board replacing Germans on the plantations. He went first to Baia plantation which had been expropriated from Hernsheim & Co. Husband of Lorna.

    MARQUES, Francis killed at the Japanese Kempetai Police HQs at Luburua in 1944/45 (AWM 54 1010/4/165 Bukei of Manus) or perhaps mid November 1944.(AWM 54 1010/9/2 information of Lt.Col. Sato Chief Staff officer 17.1.1946).

    MARTIN, Father Karl MSC of Ulaputur Catholic Mission west coast Namatanai executed 1942 at Nago Island near Kavieng. Of 13 bodies recovered at Nago post war, his was one of 7 identified. (MP 375/14:WC 43)

    MERMIN, T.P about whom little is known except that he was an itinerant plantation manager possibly at Ulul-Nono just before the war. If he survived he would have died with the others on 17 March 1944 at Kavieng wharf.

    MILLER, Ernest Russell 'Dusty' killed 17 March 1944 [18 February 1944] aged 59 at Kavieng wharf. Owner of Tsalui plantation on Tsoi Islands for which he tendered £24,200 in 1926/27 and one time owner of Matanabago plantation New Hanover for which he tendered £8,050. Both were expropriated plantations from German owners. He owned a boat and boatyard at Bagail.

    MORELL, John F drowned 1 July 1942. Plantation manager on Djaul Island who had enlisted at the beginning of the war and was invalided out after being bombed in London. He returned to New Ireland. He went with the MV Induna Sta', the ship carrying the escaping 1st Independent Company Australian Commandos on 30 January 1942 from Kaut as he knew the New Ireland waters, but it was bombed on 2 February 1942 and sent back to Rabaul. Husband of Ula.

    MOSELEY, Albert Edward killed 17 March 1944 [18 February 1944] aged 62 at Kavieng wharf. Manager of Belik plantation. Husband of Annie May.

    MUESCHNER, Sister Mary Ambrosia MSC of Catholic Mission Namatanai died 11 August 1945 at Lakuramau internment camp, four days before Japanese surrender on 15 August 1945. The Mass for Sr. Ambrosia used the last hosts and wine that had lasted until then.

    MURPHY, Father Michael MSC of Tabar Catholic Mission executed 30 November 1942 [13 November 1942] at Nago Island. His was one of 7 bodies identified of 13 recovered after the war at Nago near Kavieng. (MP375/14:WC 43)

    NAUGHTON, James Forestall killed 17 March 1944 [18 February 1944] at Kavieng wharf aged 33. Overseer at Kalili plantation on west coast. One of only 3 Europeans identified at Kavieng by Japanese after the war. (Melb.Arch. B4175-14)

    NEUHAUS, Father Karl MSC of Namatanai Catholic Mission disappeared mid 1942 and there is no reliable evidence of what may have happened to him; perhaps executed at Rabaul. Long time priest in Namatanai district and first resident priest at Lihir 1931. Author of many papers and Beitrage zur Ethnographie der Pala, Mittel New Irland edited Laufer and Schmitz.

    OAKES, Reverend William Daniel of Pinikindu Methodist Mission drowned 1 July 1942 aged 36. Came to New Ireland in 1935 and with his wife worked for 7 years to improve the health of people in a previously unhealthy area. Husband of Marion Lilian and father of George and Parker.

    ORMOND, James Leonard drowned 1 July 1942 aged 64. Plantation manager on Djaul Island. Husband of Edith.

    OSTRÖM, Karl 'Charlie' probably killed 17 March 1944 at Kavieng wharf and elderly. Owner of Lakurafanga plantation and long time resident of New Irelan; possibly pre German Administration in mid 1900. A character, of Finnish Russian descent. Father of many including Maxwell Joseph.

    OSTRÖM, Maxwell Joseph probably killed 17 March 1944 at Kavieng wharf aged about 20. Son of Karl.

    PAGE, Cornelius Lyons 'Con' executed 21 July 1942 at Nago Island aged 31. Manager of Pigibut plantation on Simberi Island, Tabar and Coastwatcher. He provided the earliest and valuable reports on Japanese aircraft going to Rabaul and elsewhere at the outset of the war. The Japanese made determined efforts to capture him, resulting in all Europeans on the 3 islands of Tabar being taken. He was faithfully served by his Tabar female partner Ansin Bulu. He came to New Guinea aged 19 and lived on Mussau for a while. His was one of 7 bodies identified, of 13 recovered on Nago near Kavieng after the war (MP 375/14:WC 43). He is buried at the Bitapaka War Cemetery.

    PARKINSON, Mrs Phebe Clothilde died 28 May 1944 aged 80 at Bo internment camp near Namatanai. Wife of scientist Richard (died 1907) the author of 30 Years in the South Seas and mother of 12 children, she was the sister of 'Queen' Emma. This remarkable and industrious woman came to Mioko in the Duke of Yorks with her husband in mid 1882 before German rule was established. Her sister was buying land around Blanche Bay, near where Kokopo is today, and elsewhere. Her husband was responsible for clearing and planting the plantations for Queen Emma and Phebe, who spoke the Tolai language fluently, was a great help and took over much of the responsibility. Her 'own' plantation at Kuradui was expropriated in 1921 as, in the sale of Queen Emma's business interests in 1909 to a German company HASAG, Kuradui was listed as their asset. As an elderly woman she then spent years recruiting labour and in 1942 was living with her grandson Rudolf Diercke who managed Komalu plantation on the west coast. He survived the war. The last report of her is assisting the injured crew of the American B17 'Flying Fortress ' bomber 'The Reckless Mountain Boys' which was shot down and crash landed on the reef at Komalu on 7 March 1943. After the war the authorities in Kavieng were asked to give permission to exhume her body and bury it in the family graveyard, but this was refused. The final resting place of this pioneer of New Guinea has now been lost, but the land where Namatanai High School is now, was where the Bo internment camp was located.

    PETERSON, Hans, perhaps more correctly Pettersson, shot on Simberi Island attempting to escape on 1 August 1944 aged about 29, of Maragon plantation, Simberi Island, Tabar group. He was accused by the Australians of being an enemy agent, assisting in the capture of Coastwatcher Con Page in 1942 and forcing the Simberi people to grow food for the Japanese. With Australian approval the people were told to capture him and he was being interviewed by Capt. Moy and Sub.Lieut. Bell when he was shot (AWM 54 80/6/5). Hans was a son of Swedish Karl Peterson, who came early to New Ireland probably pre 1900, and his wife Sindu of Simberi.

    PETERSON, Karl shot mid November 1944 by the Japanese Kempetai Police at their Luburua HQs aged about 30. The brother of Hans, he was accused of being an agent and finding out the position of Japanese Forces in northern New Ireland. (AWM 54 1010/9/27 information of Lt.Col.T. Sato Chief Staff officer 17.1.1946 and Bukei AWM 54 1010/4/165)

    PINES, Cedric Moreton 'Cedar' drowned 1 July 1942 aged 46. Senior Medical Assistant at Taskul leprosy rehabilitation centre and one of those who attempted to escape in 5 boats from Kavieng on 21 January 1942 after the air raid. Before doing so he sent medical supplies to Anelaua leprosy colony saying they would have to manage somehow. The invading Japanese captured the escapees at Albatross Passage and returned them to Kavieng jail. They were later sent to Rabaul.

    PINNOCK, Leonard Joseph killed 17 March 1944 [18 February 1944] at Kavieng wharf aged 56. Manager at Ulul - Nono plantation Husband of Louise Jane.

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