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    To commemorate the civilians from New Ireland who died during the war a plaque was unveiled in Kavieng on the 4th of July 2002.

    Roll of Honour Adams - Fat Hong

    ADAMS, Harry drowned 1 July 1942 aged 49. Owner of Patlangat, an expropriated German plantation on the west coast for which he tendered £10,000 in 1926/27. Husband of Una Florence.

    AH YOUNG SEETO died 14 February 1945 aged 61 at Lakuramau internment camp. Leading Chinese store and plantation owner (Lemusmus) in Kavieng and leader of the Kuo Min Tang. A carpenter by trade from See Lau village in the Hoipeng district of Guangdong Province of China. He arrived in New Ireland during Boluminski's time and was a friend of missionary Ernst Boettcher at Omo (1913-22). Husband of Yee See and father of 6 sons and 2 daughters. Son John re-established the business after the war and now lives in Sydney. Grandson Gordon is a Kavieng businessman.

    ASHBY, Stanley Arthur drowned 1 July 1942 aged 47. Owner of Kanam plantation. and manager at Maramakas plantation. Husband of Emily Myra and father of Erice, Joan and Norman.

    ATKINS, Arthur Stanley died 13 March 1942 [31.3.1942] at Catholic Mission, Vunapope. SDA Pastor for Mussau and Emira islands from 1932. Attempted to escape by boat Malalangi but forced ashore by a Japanese destroyer on the east New Britain coast beyond Putput. Nursed at Vunapope hospital and buried there. Husband of Nancy Rose.

    ATTWOOD, William 'Bill' killed 17 March 1944 [18 February 1944] at Kavieng wharf aged 32. Mechanic for Saunders workshop in Kavieng. One of only three identified at Kavieng by Japanese after the war.(B4175-14 Melb.Arch.) One of escape party in 5 boats from Kavieng on 21 January 1942 after air raid. Captured by invading Japanese at Albatross Passage and returned to Kavieng jail. Held in Kavieng as a mechanic; was useful to Japanese.

    BELL, Donald Joseph drowned 1 July 1942 aged 30. One of 4 brothers who all came to New Guinea to work and all enlisted in the war. He was at Singapore before its fall and invalided out and returned to New Ireland. Brother Stan was a Coastwatcher as was Lincoln who was killed at Rai Coast in May 1943. Les served in Milne Bay and returned to Kavieng after the war. Father John was killed at Kavieng March 1944. Husband of Elizabeth Hetherington.

    BELL, John William killed 17 March 1944 [18 February 1944] at Kavieng wharf aged 64. Owner of Soubu/Penipol plantation. Husband of Ethel Harriett Victoria and father of Les, Lincoln, Stan and Don.

    BENHAM, Gregory Wade executed at Nago Island 1 September 1942 aged 28. Patrol Officer at Namatanai and Coastwatcher after 23 January 1942. He had two chances to escape, on the Gnair and again with Murray on 3 April 1942 but chose to stay with Kyle. Captured at Muliama with Bill Kyle, his was one of 13 bodies recovered after the war at Nago near Kavieng, only 7 of whom were identified.(MP 375/14:WC 43) Husband of Lillian Grace. Now buried at Bitapaka War Cemetery.

    BOX, William Charles 'Bill' drowned on 1 July 1942 aged 48. Owner of expropriated German Meteinge plantation, New Hanover, for which, with Metewolo, he tendered £11,500 in 192617. Owner of one of the 5 boats attempting to escape on 21 January 1942 after the Japanese air raid on Kavieng and captured at Albatross Passage by the invading Japanese and returned to Kavieng jail. Later sent to Rabaul.

    CARSON, Lewis William drowned 1 July 1942 aged 48. Owner of Fead Island plantation.(Nuguria), for which he offered 40,000 when the expropriated German property was tendered in 1926/27. Also boat owner. Husband of Ruby Eileen. Father of Graham.

    CHARLSON, C 'Skipper' died approx. December 1942 at Anelaua Island aged about 79. A Norwegian who came to New Guinea in German times and at one time owned Matanalaua plantation, Nemto Island, New Hanover. His boat was used by Errol Flynn. He remained as manager after the plantation was taken over, probably by the Expropriation Board as a result of a debt to a German company expropriated. After 23 January 1942, and as an old man, he was unable to manage. He was collected by Richard Hermann, returning fleeing patients to Anelaua leprosy colony, and handed over to the care of the Nuns there.

    CHADDERTON, Claude Garfield killed 17 March 1944 [18 February 1944] at Kavieng wharf aged 53. Owner of Lamerika and Kapsu plantations, the latter expropriated, for which he tendered £6,200 in 1926/27. Husband of May Fitzgerald and father of Moya.

    COBB, Forbes drowned 1 July 1942 aged 53. Manager of Panaras plantation on the west coast. Husband of Sara.

    COLLETT, Trevor David drowned 1 July 1942 aged 29. Operator of the SDA Mission sawmill on Emira Island. Escaped by boat Malalangi with Pastor Atkins and Charles Cook from St Matthias group but forced ashore on east coast of New Britain beyond Putput by a Japanese destroyer. Volunteered to stay with Atkins who was ill and taken to Rabaul. Husband of Olga Muriel.

    CONSTERDINE, Cedric Royston killed at Kavieng wharf 17 March 1944 [18 February 1944] aged 50. Manager of Koka plantation on the west coast. Husband of Mabel Olive.

    CRAIG about whom nothing is known but the Commonwealth War Graves Commission says died at Kavieng 18 February 1944 [ 17 March 1944 on wharf?]

    DE LA CRUZ, Manuel killed at the Japanese Kempetai Police HQs at Luburua in 1944 or 45. (Informant Bukei AWM 54 1010/4/165)

    DAVIES, Edward Lonsdale 'Lon' killed at Kavieng wharf 17 March 1944 [18 February 1944] aged 37. Manager of Ungan Island plantation. He started to escape with Murray but on 5 February 1942 decided to stay at Panaras on the west coast.

    DOYLE, Harry Granville 'Tiki' drowned 1 July 1942 aged 35. Manager at Selapiu Island plantation. One of those who attempted to escape on 21 January 1942 in 5 boats who were captured by the invading Japanese and returned to Kavieng jail. Later sent to Rabaul. Husband of Margaret Ellen Crichton.

    EDWARDS, Murray Stanley Assistant District Officer Kavieng who 'disappeared' after 22 January 1942 after leaving Kavieng by boat to return to the civilian camp near Kaut. Not reliably reported afterwards and other stories exist but shown officially as drowned on 1 July 1942. Husband of Agnes Sarah and father of Robert and Judith.

    FAN KIM, from Tabar islands, shot by Japanese, probably in August 1944 at Luburua Kempetai Police HQs for cooperating with his son in law Lin Trao in providing information on Japanese forces to enemy spy. (AWM 54 1010/9/27 information of Lt.Colonel T. Sato Chief Staff Officer 17.1.1946 Japanese Forces Rabaul).

    FATT HONG TSANG, shot and killed, whilst aiding his sister, in the gardens at Lakuramau internment camp, by American aircraft, perhaps on 14 February 1945, aged 16. Son of Tsang Sang. Brother of Alan, Bruce & Michael Tsang, businessmen in Kavieng and Port Moresby.

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