Before the War
Tales of life in the Mandated Territory of New Guinea prior to the outbreak of the Second World War.
Lark Force Wilderness Track Project
The Lark Force Wilderness Track Project aims to establish a sustainable trekking operation in East New Britain commemorating the escape of Lark Force troops from the Japanese after the fall of Rabaul on January 23rd 1942. Co-ordinated by Baining Morka Foundation (Assoc.), Mesu Investments and South Sea Horizons the project aims to provide employment, economic and social benefits to indigenous tribes and clans from the region.
The personal stories of the people in the islands of New Guinea before, during and after the Second World War.
Many memorials have been raised and anniversary services held to commemorate those who lost their lives in the islands of New Guinea.
New Britain
A crescent shaped island, with a series of mountain ranges in the interior which in 1938 remained unexplored. There were many small rivers and protected harbours suitable for coastal plantations. Rabaul on the Gazelle Peninsula in the north east was the seat of government. Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tidal waves had been experienced for many years before the war. There were four administrative sub districts: Rabaul, Kokopo, Gasmata and Talasea. There were connecting roads and police posts.
New Hanover
A large island off the western tip of New Ireland, known as Lavongai. A mountainous volcanic island protected by reefs and islands, well watered, with dense tropical forest in the interior, and some grassy plains in the south. In 1938 there were twelve plantations on Lavongai, and plantations at Limonak, Nusa, Patio, Lemus, Bangatan, Nanavaul, Kabotteron, Mirimbang and other off shore islands.
New Ireland
A mountainous narrow island, with dense tropical forests and some grass plains. In 1938 Kavieng was a proclaimed town and port of entry, linked to Karu and beyond by a motor road. There were both European and Chinese owned plantations. Off shore island groups were coral atolls or of volcanic origin.
Territorial Administrations
The stories of the administrations of the territory before, during and after the war.
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