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    To commemorate the civilians from New Ireland who died during the war a plaque was unveiled in Kavieng on the 4th of July 2002.

    Roll of Honour Forsyth - Levy

    FORSYTH, Archibald Corbett 'Dad', died 21 January 1942 in the presence of Sister Mary Arkadia from Lemakot Catholic Mission at Sagui plantation, aged 77. Owner of Sagui plantation and husband of Louise Alice.

    FURLONG, Robert Barry 'Bob' killed 17 March 1944 [18 February 1944] at Kavieng wharf aged 42. Manager of Lamussong plantation and husband of Agnes Marion.

    GARNETT, William Foster Stawell killed 17 March 1944 [18 February 1944] at Kavieng wharf aged 61. Owner of Kamiriba plantation and husband of May.

    GOAD, John Crayston drowned 1 July 1942 aged 49. Senior Medical Assistant for many years and then owner of Kaut plantation on the west coast. Probably one of the party that tried to escape from Kavieng in 5 boats after the air raid on 21 January 1942. Captured by the Japanese invaders at Albatross Passage and returned to Kavieng jail. Later sent to Rabaul. Husband of May and father of Jack and Bruce (killed at Medina plantation 1938 and buried at Bagail cemetery).

    GORDON, Leonard Leslie 'Les' killed at Kavieng wharf 17 March 1944 [18 February 1944]. Owner of Bululogon plantation. Husband of Dorothea Marie.

    GRIFFEN, John Kenneth Vicars also known as 'Peter' and 'Tiny' killed at Kavieng wharf 17 March 1944 [18 February 1944] aged 36. Auditor for Burns Philp, staying temporarily at Lemus Island plantation. One of only six civilians in Kavieng on 22 January 1942, the day after the Japanese air raid, who then drove down the east coast road.

    HAMILTON, Latham drowned 1 July 1942 aged 55. Owner of Sumuna plantation, Djaul Island.

    HAY, Arthur drowned 1 July 1942 aged 35. Medical Officer at Kavieng. Husband of Joan Stoddart, a daughter of long time (1930-1940) doctor in Kavieng Dr Holland.

    HEMIG, Father Johannes MSC of Lemakot Catholic Mission, most likely killed 17 March 1944 at Kavieng wharf.

    HEMING, Horace Ray killed 17 March 1944 [18 February 1944] at Kavieng wharf aged 58. Manager at Kolube plantation on the west coast. Husband of Minnie and father of Gillian and Rob.

    HERICK, Sister Mary Climaka MSC of Namatanai Catholic Mission died at Lakuramau internment camp 16 September 1944.

    HERTERICH, Hans Oscar 'Sailor' executed probably July 1942 at Nago Island near Kavieng aged about 60. Of the 13 bodies recovered from Nago after the war, of whom 7 were identified (RP 375/14:WC 43), his is the only one of the 7 whose final resting place is unknown. From Bavaria, he was a sailor on SMS Planet in 1909 and then managed plantations for Hernsheim & Co., six months on Nusa Island and then Beligila on Tingwon Island from where in 1914 he applied to buy 100 hectares on Baudissin Island. He had 6-7,000 marks saved but Dr.Stübel the German District Administrator withheld approval. In July 1918 he was planting at Keletawan plantation on land belonging to his native wife which his great grandson still owns. In June 1921 he was expropriated, with a pinnace Rosi worth £83 and debts of £332, and deported and was for a time at Batavia in the Dutch East Indies. Some time later he was able to return and either managed plantations for others or ran small ships. In 1942 he was at Marakot plantation on Tabar and with all the other Europeans on Tabar was rounded up in the hunt for coastwatcher Con Page. Husband of Naurpetau and father of Rosie.

    HEYDON, Walter killed at Kavieng wharf 17 March 1944 [18 February 1944] aged 60. Manager of Put plantation, Malendok Island, Tanga.

    IVES, Vivian Gervis Lavie Niel MC Captain, East Yorkshire Regiment and the Indian Army. He served in WWI in Egypt, Gallipoli, Belgium, France, Mesopotamia and Kurdistan. Military Cross for gallantry in France and again in Mesopotamia. Killed at Kavieng wharf 17 March 1944 [18 February 1944] aged 49. Manager of Kurumut plantation west coast Namatanai and earlier at Katendan plantation. Refused permission to enlist in WWII, as too old. Husband of Gwendoline Muriel (who post war married Rudolf Diercke) and father of Patricia.

    JERVIS, Cecil Charles aged 48. Plantation manager and Coastwatcher on Nissan Island who disappeared early in 1942 but is officially shown as drowned 1 July 1942.

    KAM LEONG (not on plaque) died at Lakuramau internment camp when strafed by American aircraft, aged about 18.

    KELLY, Edward Caulfield MC drowned 1 July 1942 aged 46. Government copra inspector at Kavieng. He was with other civilians from Kavieng at Kaut on 2 February 1942 but decided not to try to escape with them.

    KOHLSTETTE, Father Heinrich MSC of Komalu Catholic Mission west coast who probably was killed 17 March 1944 at Kavieng wharf.

    KRUTZENBICHLER, Father Josef MSC of Tanga Islands Catholic Mission who was abducted from Tanga and probably was killed at Kavieng wharf 17 March 1944.

    KUTSCHER, Father Paul MSC of Lamussong Catholic Mission who probably was killed 17 March 1944 at Kavieng wharf.

    KYLE, Alan Fairlie 'Bill' executed l September 1942 on Nago Island aged 44. Assistant District officer at Namatanai and Coastwatcher after 23 January 1942. Captured with Benham at Muliama. His was one of 13 bodies recovered after the war at Nago near Kavieng, only 7 of whom were identified (MP 375/14:WC 43). He helped organize the escape of 6soldiers and civilians from the Namatanai area on the Gnair, the plantation boat of Tong Ko at Matankuk forcefully requisitioned for use, which departed New Ireland on 2 February 1942. He and Benham chose to stay behind then and again when Murray was leaving on 30 April 1942. Husband of Lilian.

    LAKAFF, Father Josef MSC of Kavieng Catholic Mission who was probably killed 17 March 1944 at Kavieng wharf.

    LAM WENG TIU, executed 1945 at Luburua, the Japanese Kempetai Police HQs (AWM 54 1010/4/165 Bukei of Manus). Came from China and owned a boat buying copra. He was caught by Japanese in Tabar. Husband of Lam Kiu whom he married in 1940 and father of Patrick Yin Nam and Frank Lam Yin Sam who lives in Cairns.

    LEONG CHEONG or Chang publicly shot by Japanese firing squad at Namatanai on 15 June 1943 for talking against Japanese to his workers at sawmill.(AWM 54 1010/4/165)

    LESLIE FOON KONG SEETO, died 7 February 1945 aged 39 at Luburua Japanese Kempetai Police HQs. Buried at Lakuramau internment camp, and after war at Lemusmus plantation and later Sydney. A nephew of Ah Young, he was from See Lau village in the Hoipeng district of Guangdong Province of China, and came to New Guinea aged about 5 as his son and later went to school in Australia for four years. He was a businessman in Kavieng pre-war. Husband of Monica and father of David, Daisy, Nancy, Jimmy and Evelyn. The first 3 are in business in PNG.

    LEU KEU killed at Lakuramau internment camp.

    LEVY, Philip Montague killed 17 March 1944 [18 February 1944] aged 52 at Kavieng wharf. Manager of Burns Philp at Kavieng and one of only 6 civilians there on 22 1942. As the Japanese landed at the waterfront before his house he left by the back and with others had to go through the mangroves from the airstrip to Tome near Kaut. He was with the group escaping down the west coast but on 5 February 1942 at Panaras he with 3 others decided to go no further. Husband of Mabel.

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