Places - New Hanover

A large island off the western tip of New Ireland, known as Lavongai. A mountainous volcanic island protected by reefs and islands, well watered, with dense tropical forest in the interior, and some grassy plains in the south. In 1938 there were twelve plantations on Lavongai, and plantations at Limonak, Nusa, Patio, Lemus, Bangatan, Nanavaul, Kabotteron, Mirimbang and other off shore islands.

  • Simpson, Thomas Nevison (1909 - 1942) - In 1936, Tom became the first missionary on the New Hanover District circuit. Over the next six years, he established the mission, supervising the building of the church, houses, jetty and roads. His daughter, Margaret Henderson documents his story in Yours Sincerely, Tom. A Lost Child of the Empire.


Edited Books

  • Official Handbook of the Territory of New Guinea, Commonwealth Government Printer, Canberra, 1938, 551 pp.

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