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TitleSummary of the nominal roll of 17th Anti-Tank Battery from the Zealandia embarkation to Rabaul on 9 September 1941

The roll only accounts for 53 members of the unit.

Archival SourceAmerican and Japanese accounts of the sinking of Montevideo Maru by USS Sturgeon while carrying Allied POW's from Rabaul to Hainan, July 1942, 1942 - 1974, AWM 54 779/1/26/A; AWM 54 Written records 1939-45 War; CA 46 Department of Defence [III], Central Office; Australian War Memorial Research Centre
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Listed below are those members of 17th Anti Tank Battery who embarked at Sydney on the Zealandia on the 9th September 1941 and disembarked at Rabaul on the 30th September 1941.

Missing and for official purposes presumed dead as a result of the sinking of the Montevideo Maru on 1 July 1942
NX52416 Gnr C.J. Abbot
VX25515 Gnr I.J. Baird
VX48429 Gnr A.N. Barry
VX44909 Lieut G.W. Chinn
VX45247 Gnr T.E.J. Cogan
VX40019 Gnr R.E. Connor
VX33388 Bdr W.L. Cooper
VX25507 Gnr T. Crichton
VX25551 Gnr P.C. Crombie
NX72185 Gnr A.T. Finch
VX25934 Gnr N. Gregory
VX32136 Gnr A.D. Hill
VX52509 Sgt J.F. Izard
VX32513 A/Bdr F.F. Krake
VX33950 Gnr G.J. Lake
NX72162 Gnr J.A. Manyon
NX53516 Gnr W.J. Murphy
VX31548 Lsgt A.K. Murray
VX25769 Gnr A.G. Norgorve
VX32561 Gnr A. Pattinson
VX32331 A/Bdr E.R. Robinson
VX25676 Gnr W.A. Shimmin
VX23783 Gnr F. Somerville
VX31527 Gnr A.E. Spencer
VX24609 Sgt L. Stewart
VX25487 Gnr C.L. Street
VX31588 WO2 W.H. Tonkin
VX30697 Lbdr R.E. Ward
VX30057 Gnr J.A. Dunn
NX59798 Gnr F.R. Ware
Died Prisoner of War (POW)
VX30657 Gnr P. Blake
VX32338 Gnr W. Shields
VX30679 Gnr B.P. Cain
VX40375 Gnr F. Dwyer
NX33449 Lieut A.G. Fischer
VX32312 Gnr F. Lawson
VX25016 Bdr J.F. Masters
VX25561 Gnr W.M. Moore
VX32287 Gnr A.C. Parker
Missing Presumed Dead
VX37364 Ssgt A.H. McKenzie
Missing Presumed Dead Escaping
VX25571 Gnr J.W.E. Arthur
Missing Presumed Dead Prisoner of War (POW)
NX51822 Gnr C.W. Brown
VX46617 Gnr E.C. Cutler
VX24031 Gnr R. Gray
VX29050 Gnr P.T. Hampson
VX33933 Gnr H.J. Lake
VX32286 Gnr B.O. Parker
VX23807 Gnr J. Somerville
VX40056 Gnr C.G. Sydenham
Recovered Prisoner of War (POW)
VX43797 Lieut A. Clark
NX70289 Capt D.G. Hutchinson-Smith
VX5210 Major G. Matheson
NX12531 Lieut R.J.B. Parkhill
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