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In 1955, a tablet honouring 'Methodist martyrs' of the Pacific war was erected on the wall of a missionary training institute in Haberfield. Relocated to the NSW Synod Centre for Ministry in Parramatta in July 1988, the plaque lies in memory of the ten Methodist missionaries who died at sea aboard the Montevideo Maru and the two, John Rundle and Leanard Kentish who died in the Darwin area.

The missionaries who died were:-

Laurence A. McArthur
Herbert B. Shelton
Williiam L.I. Linggood
William D. Oakes
Thomas N. Simpson
Howard J. Pearson
John W. Poole
Jack W. Trevitt
Ernest W. Pearce
Sidney C. Beazley
John C. Rundle
Leanard N. Kentish

'They brought to the New Guinea District a remarkable diversity of gifts combining spirituality, scholarship, administrative ability and practical and technical knowledge.'

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Martyrs' Plaque

Martyrs' Plaque
19 February 2003

Martyrs' Plaque Detail

Martyrs' Plaque Detail
19 February 2003

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