People - Norman Leslie Keid

Corporal - A.I.F. Australian Army Ordnance Corps

Born: 4 January 1911  Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.  Died: 1 July 1942.

Son of Leonard and Eliza Aroy Keid; husband of Doreen Keid of Toowong, Queensland. Les had lost his father, Leonard, and three uncles, Bill, Walter and Ted, in World War I.

Bill died at Gallipoli in June 1915, Leonard and Walter died in France on the same day in September 1916 during the battle for Mouquet Farm, and Ted died of wounds after the Passchendale offensive in Ypres, Belgium. Two other brothers, Guy and Harry survived with Harry summoned home for 'family reasons'.

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  • Max Blenkin, 'Family Decimated By War', The Gold Coast Bulletin, 23 April 2001.

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