People - Joseph William Jeffrey

Private - A.I.F. 2/22 Battalion

Son of Richard and Edith Jeffrey; husband of Annie Alberta Ida Jeffrey of Preston, Victoria

His daughter Beverly Jardine writes:-

Joseph Jeffrey was born 8th February 1903 at Bendigo, the third son of a miner. On discovering that he had been a pastry cook with Herbert Adams when joining up, he was made an army cook - much to his dislike I believe.

My mother, sister and I enjoyed reading his letters. The ship journey to Rabaul sounded exciting, as he would not have been on a ship before. Not that we knew the destination as we that information was cut out of the letter still in my possession.

Of course when Rabaul fell, the letters stopped, but we kept writing. I always remember us all sitting around the table writing on Red Cross cards and running to catch the post on Sunday night. Another memory is of my Mother at some stage sitting making camoflage nets at home.

The worst memory is of being told that he wouldn't be coming home. After saying bring him home safely in our prayers every night for the past 3-4 years, it was a bitter blow.

We always regularly went to the Shrine services twice a year in the early years and he is never forgotten

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Joseph William Jeffrey

Joseph William Jeffrey

Joseph William Jeffrey

Joseph William Jeffrey

Joseph William Jeffrey

Joseph William Jeffrey

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