People - Robert Leeuwin (Nobby) Clark

MLC - Architect and Civil Engineer

Born: 1889  Glebe, New South Wales, Australia.  Died: 1 July 1942.

  • Went to Missina and was with German expeditions into Highlands pre-WWI
  • Joined Australian Flying Corps, went to England, where he married K.A.G. (Gladys) Brown
  • Shot down in France, then training pilots in England
  • Returned to New Guinea in 1919 (Rabaul) as works manager for the Expropriation Board from 1921-1926
  • Managing Director Loo Company from 1929
  • President of the New Guinea Club
  • President of the RSL
  • Chief Warden Rabaul at the time of Japanese invasion
  • Member Legislative Council and non-official member Executive Council
  • In the mid 1920s identified sites for aerodromes at Lae and Wau
  • Built New Guinea Club in Rabaul; gun emplacements at Praed Point, etc.

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