Published Resources - Books

  • The Rabaul Memorial 1939-1945, Memorial Register 29, The Imperial War Graves Commission, London, 1959, 65 pp.
  • Abel, Gordon, To War and Back: A Young Soldier's Journey through the Terrors and Boredoms of World War II, The Printing Office, South Brisbane, Queensland, 1999, 102 pp.
  • Aplin, Douglas, Rabaul 1942, The 2/22nd Battalion A.I.F. Lark Force Association, Melbourne, 1980, 295 pp.
  • Bell, Les and Gillian Heming Shadbolt, New Guinea Engineer, Rosenberg Publications Pty Ltd, Dural, New South Wales, 2002, 271 pp.
  • Cox, Lindsay, Brave and True: From Blue to Khaki - the Band of the 2/22nd Battalion, The Salvation Army, Australia Southern Territory, Archives & Museum, Melbourne, 2003, 136 pp.
  • Cover of <i>Every Man for Himself</i> by John DawesDawes, John, Every Man for Himself, The Catholic Press Newspaper Co. Ltd, 195?, 183 pp.
  • Ditterich, Robert, Two Lives; No Known Grave. Rabaul 1942, 2006.
  • Downs, Ian, The New Guinea Volunteer Rifles NGVR 1939-1943 A History, Pacific Press, Broadbeach Waters, Queensland, 1999, 359 pp.
  • Dunbar, Raden, The Kavieng Massacre: A War Crime Revealed, Sally Milner Publishing, 2007.
  • Feldt, Eric A., The Coastwatchers, Oxford University Press, Melbourne, 1946, 264 pp.
  • Foster, Monica and Stone, Peter, Rabaul's Forgotten Fleet, Oceans Enterprises, Yarram, Victoria, 1994, 146 pp.
  • Gamble, Bruce, Darkest Hour: The True Story of Lark Force at Rabaul Australia's Worst Military Disaster of World War II, Zenith/MBI, South Windsor, New South Wales, 2006, 304 pp.
  • Gerstad, Joan, The Jungle was our Home, George Allen & Unwin Ltd, London, 1957, 206 pp.
  • Glusman, John A., Conduct Under Fire, Viking, New York, 2005, 588 pp.
  • Hall, Timothy, New Guinea 1942-44, Metheun Aust. Pty Ltd, Sydney, New South Wales, 1981, 224 pp.
  • Cover of <i>Yours Sincerely Tom</i> by Margaret HendersonHenderson, Margaret L., Yours Sincerely, Tom. A Lost Child of the Empire, Openbook Publishers, Adelaide, 2000, 167 pp.
  • Henderson, Margaret L., Yours Sincerely, Tom Revisited, Seaview Press, Henley Beach South Australia, 2005, 146 pp.
  • Howarth, Stephen, Morning Glory The Story of the Imperial Japanese Navy, Hamish Hamilton Ltd, London, 1983, 398 pp.
  • Johnson, Carl, Little Hell: The Story of the 2/22nd Battalion and Lark Force, History House, Blackburn, Victoria, 2003, 319 pp.
  • Johnson, R.W. and Threlfall, N.A., Volcano Town The 1937-43 Rabaul Eruptions, Robert Brown & Associates, Buranda, Qld, 1985, 151 pp.
  • Linge, Hosea, An Offering Fit for a King: the Life and Work of the Rev. Hosea Linge, Told by Himself, translated by Neville Threlfall, The United Church of New Guinea, Rabaul, 1978.
  • McNab, Alexander (Sandy), We were the First : the Unit History of No. 1 Independent Company, Australian Military History Publications, Loftus, New South Wales, 1998, 242 pp.
  • Mitchell, Rob, One Bloke's Story, Development and Advisory Publications Australia, Dubbo, New South Wales, 1998, 188 pp.
  • Moyle, Jack, The Diary of VX19428, Corporal J.T. Moyle, 2/22nd Battalion, 8th Division, Escape from Rabaul and the Moyles of Spring Creek, Jack and Thelma Moyle, Spring Creek, Victoria, 2000, 127 pp.
  • Murray, Mary, Escape: A Thousand Miles to Freedom, Rigby, Adelaide, 1965, 260 pp.
  • Murray, Mary, Hunted A Coastwatcher's Story, Rigby, Adelaide, 1967, 240 pp.
  • Nikakis, Gillian, He's Not Coming Home, Lothian Books, South Melbourne, 2005, 256 pp.
  • Overell, Lillian, A Woman's Impressions of German New Guinea, Second edn, The Bodley Head Ltd, London, 1929, 224 pp.
  • Reeson, Margaret, Whereabouts Unknown, Albatross Books, Sutherland, NSW, 1993, 509 pp.
  • Reeson, Margaret, A Very Long War, Melbourne University Press, Melbourne, 2000, 200 pp.
  • Roberts, Jan, Voices from a lost world : Australian women and children in Papua New Guinea before the Japanese invasion, Millennium Books, Alexandria, NSW, 1996, 311 pp.
  • Robson R.W., Queen Emma, Third edn, Pacific Publications, Sydney, 1973, 239 pp.
  • Scharmach, Bishop Leo, This Crowd Beats Us All, The Catholic Press Newspaper Co. Ltd, Surry Hills, NSW, 1960, 295 pp.
  • Selby, David, Hell and High Fever, Currawong Publishing Co., Sydney, 1956, 198 pp.
  • Stone, Peter, Hostages to Freedom - The Fall of Rabaul, Oceans Enterprises, Yarram, Victoria, 1995, 513 pp.
  • Wall, Don, Heroes at Sea, Griffin Press, Adelaide, 1991, 191 pp.
  • Wigmore, Lionel, Australia in the War of 1939-1945, Series One Army, Volume IV: The Japanese Thrust, vol. IV of VII, Australian War Memorial, Canberra, 1957, 715 pp.
  • Winterbotham, John, Nominal Roll of New Guinea Servicemen (includes NGVR, Native servicemen and civilians who lost their lives on Montevideo Maru or were killed in Air raids during the war), Book and CD versions, John Winterbotham, 2003. (Also available at http://www.angelfire.com/alt2/prisonersofwar/ngvrnominalroll.html)
  • Wright, Malcolm, If I die. Coastwatching and Guerilla Warfare Behind Japanese Lines, Lansdowne Press Pty Ltd, Melbourne, 1965, 192 pp.
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