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9 May 1921 - 11 February 1942

A list of warrant officers in New Britain and New Ireland at the time of the Japanese invasion in 1942 compiled by Maxwell R. Hayes, Inspector (First Class), Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary 1959 to 1974.

Warrant Officers of the New Guinea Police Force (European Constabulary) who did not survive the Japanese occupation of New Britain and New Ireland in 1942

ALLEN William Edward joined 15 September 1930 as WO2. WO1 20 March 1940. Returned from leave 6 September 1941, and appointed Officer In Charge Rabaul Police Station 25 October 1941. Presumably captured in Rabaul.

ASH Norman Ernest joined 13 August 1937 as WO2. Last known at Rabaul 2 January 1942.

BROWN Thomas Goodsir joined unknown date after February 1938. Nothing known.

LIVINGSTONE William James joined 29 January 1929 WO2. Previous service NSW Police 1928-1929. Born Wellington, New South Wales 20 January 1905. On 5 April 1940 promoted WO1 and transferred from Rabaul to Kavieng. On 10 November 1933 married Mary Elinor Scott WALCOTT (of the Brisbane Walcotts). Captured Kavieng after escaping into bush for a short while, and then offering to surrender. Executed Kavieng early 1942.

MCDOUGALL Donald joined 2 December 1936 WO2. Born 1900 in Scotland. Was an ex Scots Guards officer. Following orders, was last seen in a truck heading towards Kokopo.

NAULTY Patrick George joined 25 July 1936 WO2. Born 1 June 1899 at Penola South Australia. Served in the SA Police 1921-1926. Known to have been in Rabaul 2 April 1941. Letter air dropped in Moresby April 1942 and dated 10 March 1942 from Naulty to family.

SIMNETT Percy Jeffs joined 2 February 1938 WO2. Born England. Stationed at Rabaul. On evacuation was last seen at Vunakanau (by Sinclair, see below), delirious with blackwater fever about the end of January 1942. Nothing could be done for him and it is believed he died in the bush there. He left a widow Monica Elsie May Simnett who died in Brisbane on 4 May 1988. No children.

SNOOK S. The unluckiest of those police captured by the Japanese. He had arrived in Rabaul on 29 December 1941 from Ramu to join the police. WO2. Last seen in Rabaul by Sinclair.

THOMAS Cecil joined as WO2 14 September 1938. Born 18 February 1916 in Pilliga, New South Wales. Joined NSW Police 1936-1938.

WALKER Thomas joined WO2 12 September 1924. Born 4 May 1887 in Bedford, England. Promoted WO1 1936 and Inspector 1939. He had served in the Metropolitan Police in London 1910-1911, in the Royal North West Mounted Police in Canada 1911-1915, in the Queensland Police 1915, and joined the AMF in WW1. Last known as the second highest police officer in Rabaul 1942.

New Guinea Police Force Officers (European Constabulary) who walked out of Rabaul.

According to Sinclair, the order for civilian police to abandon Rabaul was given on or about 22 January 1941, and he and others set out accordingly. For 4 to 6 weeks they crisscrossed New Britain, collecting stragglers, and losing some on the way, until finally taken off on the Lakatoi. There were six expatriate police officers on the Lakatoi, Simnett having died during the escape. Those six were:

BALL William Bruce born 26 August 1883. Ex Grenadier Guards Captain. Served in India. Came to PNG in the 1920s. Served variously as District Officer, and then police officer. He was appointed Superintendent of Police on 16 September 1936, and stationed in Rabaul. The most senior police officer. Awarded the OBE for his service during the 1937 Rabaul volcanic eruption. Last seen in Kent, England in 1963.

CRAWLEY David MBE, MID. Born 21 March 1906 in England. Joined as WO2 15 May 1935 and formed the first NGPF native police band. Rejoined TP&NG police 3 December 1945 as WO2, retired 23 April 1963, died Brisbane 10 July 1966.

FEETUM Ronald William born 27 October 1903 in London. Joined 23 February 1932 as WO2. He had prior service with the Victoria Police. Joined the Australian Army. On a Z Force special mission he was killed by the Japanese on 31 August 1943 at Aru Island, East Indies.

PALMER James Henry born 14 January 1899 at Coventry in England. Served in WW1 in the Royal Horse Field Artillery for 8 years. Joined 15 January 1938 as WO2. Served in the AMF in WW2. Rejoined the TP&NG police 1 July 1946. Retired 28 May 1957 as Inspector (First Class). Died 22 October 1987 in Queensland.

SINCLAIR Alexander Morrison (known as Sandy). Born 29 February 1904 in Dundee, Scotland. Joined 7 November 1934 as WO2. His medals are the Police Long Service Good Conduct Medal, the Coronation Medal and the MID. Served in ANGAU during WW2 as a Captain. Rejoined TP&NG police on 21 January 1946, retired 24 November 1960 as a Senior Inspector. Died 29 June 2005 in Chatswood, Sydney, New South Wales.

THECKSTON Joseph Henry born 19 May 1899 in Lancashire, England. Served in the Royal Sussex Regiment in WW1, then in the Royal Irish Constabulary, and later in the NSW Prison Service for 10 years. Joined 14 February 1937 as WO2. Medal MM. Rejoined TP&NG police 7 June 1946, retired 19 May 1957 as Inspector (First Class). Died Belgrave, Victoria on 18 August 1958.

Civilians with prior NGPF service

The following, with prior police service in the NGPF, were civilians in 1942, but appear to have been killed in WW2.

ATKINSON William W joined 15 February 1928, resigned 4 June 1929 WO2

DOUGLAS William Arthur joined 1931, terminated 6 October 1932.

EDWARDS John Harold MC, DCM, MM. Born 10 June 1892. Joined 16 April 1923 as WO1 (Drill Instructor). Resigned 13 July 1926 and became a miner.

GREEN Eric Clive joined 1935 as WO2. Nothing else known.

PAGE Harold Hillas, DSO, MC. Born 18 August 1888. Joined 16 July 1921 as Superintendent. Served until March 1933, (thence District Officer). The first police appointment following the creation of the Territory of New Guinea on 9 May 1921.

Note: WO2 - Warrant Officer Second Class, WO1 - Warrant Officer First Class

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