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Rabaul Memorial
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1 July 1942

18 Dental Unit, Australian Army Dental Corps
Thomas, Albert, Pte, VX21133
AIF 1 Independent Company, Australian Infantry
Ainsbury, Dudley Royes, Pte, QX10930
Andrew, Basil, Pte, VX34318
Armstrong, William Eric, Pte, WX9761
Attwood, Frederick Joseph, Pte, NX69687
Barrett, Richard Walter, Pte, NX20493
Bexton, Victor, Pte, NX56324
Bleasby, Charles William, Pte, VX50213
Boyd, Charles William, L/Cpl, VX29988
Bromilow, Richard Henry, Pte, VX48425
Brown, Edward John, Pte, WX10624
Brown-Bishop, Ronald, Pte, QX12632
Browne, Patrick Thomas Leopold, Pte, NX68349
Burrell, David Claude, Pte, VX50405
Byrne, Patrick Joseph, Pte, NX26672
Carr, Albert, L/Sgt, VX29724
Carter, James Turner, Pte, NX68061
Cook, Eric Henry, Pte, NX69680
Cracknell, Walter Thomas, Cpl, NX32378
Curtis, Reginald George, Pte, NX66279
Davis, Alexander Lewis Charles, Pte, VX35679
Day, John Wilson, Pte, NX53100
Dennis, William Eric Rule, L/Cpl, WX8167
Densley, George Robert, Pte, WX9936
Evans, Lloyd Carvel, Pte, NX53002
Everingham, William Leslie, Pte, NX58628
Fagan, William John, L/Cpl, QX14023
Flood, William Edward, Pte, QX8467
Franks, Allan Bernard, Pte, NX47288
Fraser, Ronald Angus, Pte, NX68894
George, Arthur John, Pte, NX41372
Geyer, Kevin Victor, L/Cpl, NX47935
Ghiggioli, Ernest Keith, L/Cpl, NX36559
Glasson, Richard Cecil, Pte, NX53322
Godfrey, Thomas Geoffrey, Pte, VX51750
Gulliford, Hugh Alexander, Pte, NX51811
Hannay, James Douglas, Sgt, NX26379
Harman, Roy Arthur, Cpl, VX36997
Harrison, Robert, Pte, QX1877
Harvey, Cleland Ross, WO2, SX2676
Hellman, Richard Elsdon, Pte, NX55152
Henry, John Killduff, Pte, NX68641
Henson, Colin Francis, Pte, WX9744
Highland, Charles, Pte, QX15058
Hobbs, Harry, Cpl, SX2773
Hogan, Arthur James, Pte, NX66115
Hopkins, Frederick Edward, Pte, NX54986
Hottes, Eric Stanlay, L/Cpl, NX41382
Hughes, Frederick Russell, Pte, VX34527
Hyatt, John Richard, Pte, NX41342
Irvine, Frank Alexander, Pte, QX10308
Jackson, Colin, Cpl, QX12940
Jarrett, Jack Leslie, Pte, NX69971
Kelly, Bernard George, Pte, NX47922
Laird, Douglas Allan, Cpl, NX33602
Lambert, Leslie Allen, L/Cpl, NX66033
Lamble, George Robert, Sgt, VX34959
Lamborn, William George, Pte, NX13400
Lees, Raymond, Pte, VX44688
Little, Douglas John, Pte, NX30647
Lowe, William John, Pte, NX65718
Lyons, Michael Stephen, Pte, VX33432
Mansfield, Kenneth James, Pte, WX9748
McAliece, Clifford Glen, Cpl, VX34459
McDiarmid, Anthony, Pte, NX31697
McDougall, Duncan, Pte, VX23298
McKeown, George Sinclair, Pte, NX53992
McKeown, John Sydney, Pte, NX69443
McNamara, Stanley Walter, L/Cpl, VX30512
Metcalfe, Joseph Ernest, L/Cpl, VX20913
Miller, Hamish Williamson, Pte, NX67436
Moffatt, Albert Edward, Pte, NX58485
Morell, John Francis, Pte, NGX466
Morton, William Edward, Pte, NX65604
Munro, John Campbell, L/Cpl, NX65623
Murray, Norman Joseph, Pte, VX35780
Nicholson, Sydney Louis, Pte, NX66807
Nolan, Charles, Pte, WZ10520
Noonan, Alexis Patrick, Cpl, SX6384
Norton, Ronald Edmund George, Pte, VX48165
Olsen, Colin James, Pte, QX14904
Paine, Robert Langsford, Pte, SX10876
Patterson, Bruce George, Pte, NX36777
Patterson, William Stuart, Sgt, VX20713
Pearce, Jack Norman, Pte, NX27364
Pemble, Neville Thomas Francis, Pte, NX55192
Petersen, Harvey James, Pte, QX7985
Philpott, Alan Edward, Sgt, VX50161
Pickford, William John, Pte, NX57238
Pollock, Francis Milligan, Cpl, VX51076
Potter, Roy, Pte, VX25166
Rae, Frederick Martin, Pte, NX36268
Ramsay, Kenelm Mackenzie, Cpl, NX25468
Reed, Gordon Bradley, Cpl, VX20657
Reeve, Sydney James Gordon, Cpl, NX46731
Riedell, Lyndsay Gordon, Pte, VX47467
Roberts, Richard Stanford, Sgt, SX2804
Roberts, Samuel Livingstone, Pte, NX69464
Sadler, Frederick Herbert, Cpl, NX68342
Sampson, Kenneth James, Pte, VX35106
Sauer, Clyde Albert, Pte, WX211
Schiffmann, Harry Francis, Pte, NX40995
Searcy, Maurice Roff, Pte, SX10212
Seater, Liege Louvaine, Pte, NX28414
Shaw, Thomas Allan, Pte, SX8367
Sherwin, Harold Vicary, Pte, QX8417
Sibraa, Lloyd Sylvester, Pte, NX34251
Slaven, Bernard Joseph, Pte, NX54368
Smith, Edwin David, Pte, NX16030
Smith, Frank William, Pte, NX27430
Smith, Harold Percy, Pte, VX48510
Squire, John Bell, Pte, QX1O246
Stanton, Edward Coulton, L/Cpl, NX19908
Starkey, Alan George, Sgt, NX59082
Stewart, Leslie Walter, Pte, NX25683
Taylor, Wilfred Edward, Cpl, VX39812
Thompson, William Henry, Pte, QX10964
Thomson, John Allan, Cpl, NX60643
Thornton, Jack, Pte, NX55649
Tippetts, William Alan, Cpl, SX3594
Tole, John Francis Michael, Pte, NX55921
Turnbull, Harold Patrick, Pte, QX10965
Turner, Daryl George, Pte, NX57051
Turner, Dudley James, Pte, NX57052
Turner, Sidney Stewart, L/Cpl, NX57050
Turner, William Samuel James, L/Cpl, NX66006
Uhlman, Stanley Gordon, Pte, VX44347
Walker, Walter Henry, Cpl, SX7253
Watson, Thomas John, Pte, WX7307
Willding, Lindsay Roy, Pte, NX32294
Woodward, Cyril John, L/Cpl, NX41199
Woolley, Frank Sydney, Pte, NX66421
Yerbury, Ronald Henry, Pte, NX66145
AIF 17 A/Tk Bty, Royal Australian Artillery
Abbott, Clifford John, Gnr, NX52416
Arthur, James William Charles Ernest, Gnr, VX25571
Baird, Ivan James, Gnr, VX25515
Barry, Albert Nelson, Gnr, VX48429
Berwick, Keith Martial, Gnr, NX30466
Bjorklof, Helge Runar George, Gnr, NX55339
Boyle, Paul Reginald, Sgt, NX65450
Brown, Max, Gnr, NX37550
Bullinaria, Thomas Leslie, Gnr, NX19855
Burgess, John Bradney, Gnr, NX34493
Cogan, Thomas Edward Joseph, Gnr, VX43247
Collins, Lindsay Hayward, Gnr, VX44844
Connor, Robert Ernest, Gnr, VX40019
Cooper, William Lindsay, Bdr, VX33388
Cox, Hector Eugene, Bdr, NX33037
Crichton, Thomas, Gnr, VX25507
Crombie, Percy Clarence, Gnr, VX25551
Dargin, Bruce Lorraine, L/Bdr, NX59242
Dunnett, Maxwell Charles, Gnr, NX55300
Excell, Ernest Thomas, Gnr, NX51008
Finch, Arthur Thomas, Gnr, NX72185
Freeman, Ronald, Gnr, NX53296
Freeman, Walter Albert, Bdr, NX54320
Gilding, Donald Reginald, Gnr, NX67539
Gilfillan, Douglas Fraser, Gnr, NX57087
Gregory, Norman, Gnr, VX25934
Grimshaw, Richard Vernon, Gnr, NX52704
Guy, Richard Hart, Gnr, NX55433
Hill, Anthony Denny, Gnr, VX32136
Izard, John Francis, Sgt, VX32509
Kerr, James Scott, Gnr, NX50859
Krake, Ernest Francis, Bdr, VX32513
Lake, Geoffrey James, Gnr, VX33950
Lyons, Leslie James, Gnr, NX60128
Manyon, John Ailwyn, Gnr, NX72162
Millard, William John, Gnr, NX55037
Morrison, Colin James, Gnr, NX54424
Murphy, William John James, Gnr, NX53516
Murray, Alfred Keith, Bdr, VX31458
Norgrove, Glynn, Gnr, VX25769
Pattinson, Allen, Gnr, VX32561
Peel, Eric Horace, Gnr, VX44227
Perkins, Leslie James, Gnr, NX51739
Pring, Colin Haldon, Bdr, NX26728
Robinson, Eric Raymond, Bdr, VX32331
Ryan, Albert William, Gnr, NX28194
Ryan, Robert James, Gnr, NX54527
Sherwood, John Campbell, Sgt, NX26627
Shimmin, William Arthur, Gnr, VX25676
Skinner, Frank Donald, Gnr, NX55411
Smith, Keith Morden, Gnr, NX52916
Snell, Jack Tolson, Bdr, NX34004
Somerville, Francis, Gnr, VX23783
Spencer, Alfred Edward, Gnr, VX31527
Stewart, Lionel, Sgt, VX24609
Stokes, George Sproule, L/Bdr, NX22874
Street, Charles Leslie, Gnr, VX25487
Thornton, George Henry William, Gnr, NX55060
Trigg, Keith Alwyn, Gnr, NX53269
Wainwright, Victor Ernest Ross, Sgt, NX54267
Ward, Roy Edward, L/Bdr, VX30697
Wheldon, Rodolph, Gnr, NX27388
AIF 19 Special Dental Unit, Australian Army Dental Corps
Hawkins, Alfred William, Pte, NX68309
Mitchell, Kenneth Ross, Cpl, NX68224
Moore, Ernest Henry, S/Sgt, NX68225
AIF 2/10 Field Ambulance, Australian Army Medical Corps
Fernandez, Albert, Pte, NX19620
Hudson, Laurence Ashleigh, Cpl, NX25197
Langdon, Reginald Maxwell, Pte, NX35227
Wells, William Henry Harrison, Pte, NX27623
AIF 2/22 Battalion, Australian Infantry
Abbott, William Vincent, Pte, VX36790
Ackland, Max Archie, Pte, VX47645
Adams, Arthur Wallace, Pte, VX23998
Allatt, Colin Edward, Sgt, VX37021
Allen, Alfred, Pte, VX24385
Andrew, Herbert Edwin, L/Cpl, VX26890
Angwin, Eric Albert, Pte, VX46436
Apsey, William George, Pte, VX46493
Arnold, Duncan Murray, Pte, VX24227
Arthur, James Reginald, Pte, VX42088
Austine, Albert Henry, Pte, VX13397
Baird, Andrew Craig, L/Cpl, VX24605
Baldwin, Robert, Pte, VX41231
Barber, James Albert, Sgt, VX41564
Barker, Elvin Boon, Pte, VX28659
Barrett, Ronald, Pte, VX23987
Barton, Arthur William, Pte, VX23146
Baxter, Raymond Harley, L/Cpl, VX25760
Bayly, Lionel Joseph, Pte, VX23614
Beames, Robert, Pte, VX33887
Beecroft, Reginald John, Pte, VX35550
Begg, Robert William, Pte, VX47276
Behets, Arthur Leopold Ferdinand, L/Cpl, VX39755
Belcher, Terence Sidney, Cpl, VX23827
Bennett, Frederick Charles Gordon, Pte, VX21580
Bennett, Reginald John, Pte, VX24153
Benson, Charles Richard, WO2, VX24155
Benzley, William Eric, Pte, VX22879
Bernstein, Harry, Pte, VX28109
Berwick, Norman William, L/Cpl, VX30069
Bethune, Charles Forrester, Pte, VX48411
Beuthin, Ernest Frederick, Pte, VX31719
Bierton, Herbert Stanley, Pte, VX23965
Bignell, Charles Edward, Pte, NGX200
Birkin, Frederick, Pte, VX32484
Blennerhassett, Daniel Alexander, Pte, VX23502
Boisen, Leslie Alfred, L/Cpl, VX38738
Bosse, Edward Thomas, L/Cpl, VX19621
Boyle, John Melville, Pte, VX24202
Bradbury, John Frederick, Pte, VX34278
Broadbent, Frederick, Pte, VX24734
Broadbent, George Lovell, Pte, VX23970
Brock, Alfred Baden, Pte, VX24496
Brooker, Colin Maxwell, L/Cpl, VX41522
Brough, John Jeffery, L/Cpl, VX30830
Brown, Charles Andrew Campbell, L/Cpl, VX25915
Brown, Kenneth George, Pte, VX44440
Brown, Kenneth Walter, Sgt, VX46519
Brown, Leslie Rayford, Pte, VX37163
Brown, Victor, Pte, VX46516
Brown, Wallace Robert, Pte, VX23855
Burgoyne, Ian Douglas, Pte, VX37386
Burns, Reginald Charles, Cpl, VX29566
Burton, Jack Albert Frederick, Pte, VX46522
Cairns, Raymond Frederick, Pte, VX37500
Cameron, John Andrew Edward, Pte, VX26803
Cameron, Stanley Allan, Pte, VX26283
Cameron, William John, Pte, VX32771
Carter, Ernest George, Pte, VX37824
Carter, Frederick John, Pte, VX24160
Chalmers, Francis, Cpl, VX48400
Champ, Peter Lloyd, L/Sgt, VX16103
Cheney, George Alfred, Cpl, VX24076
Chisholm, Reginald John, Pte, VX26380
Clarke, Clifford William, Pte, VX43466
Clarke, Robert James, L/Sgt, VX23989
Cobden, Alexander Calder, Pte, VX28761
Cock, Alfred John, Cpl, VX47528
Cocking, Frederick Raymond, Pte, VX46831
Cocksedge, Arthur Alan, Pte, VX27904
Cody, Thomas Leslie, L/Cpl, VX44632
Coles, Cecil John, Pte, VX35750
Collins, Harold James, Pte, VX23628
Connop, Thomas Richard, Pte, VX22066
Cooper, Albert Louis Edward, Cpl, VX23857
Cooper, Eric Neil, Pte, VX28340
Cornelious, Sidney Robert Anthony, Pte, VX30103
Cortous, James Don, Pte, VX47637
Coulthard, Colin Edward, Pte, VX40231
Craddock, Harold Leonard, Pte, VX24078
Cramling, Wilfred Henry, Pte, VX29190
Cross, Patrick Joseph, Pte, VX18439
Cumberland, Radford Geoffrey, Pte, VX24802
Curphey, Douglas Theodore, Sgt, VX129379
Curry, William, Pte, VX24206
Curtis, Neville Edward Hercules, Cpl, VX42144
Dallimore, Robert James, Pte, VX15423
Dalton, George Christopher, Pte, VX24211
Dalziel, Robert Victor, L/Cpl, VX24094
Deakin, Cyril Henry, Pte, VX26707
Denyer, Arthur Thomas James, Pte, VX38402
Deppeler, Clifford Peter, Cpl, VX46521
Dickenson, George, Pte, VX27624
Dobson, Frederick, Pte, VX26660
Dockwray, Edwin Thomas Ernest, Pte, VX22943
Drane, Francis, Pte, VX31242
Draper, Walter James, S/Sgt, VX46463
Drayton, Ernest John, Pte, VX44935
Drever, Alfred Herbert, Pte, VX37801
Drew, Kenneth Rawie, Pte, VX37496
Duggan, Harold Thomas, L/Cpl, VX21225
EAD, Herbert James, Pte, VX47259
Earle, Roy Merrington, Pte, VX35581
Ebbels, Frederick Charles, Pte, VX22852
Edgecumbe, Henry John, Pte, VX33067
Edwards, William Eyton, Pte, VX23953
Ekblade, William George, Pte, NGX198
Ellen, Ernest, L/Cpl, VX28619
Elliott, Robert Kenneth, Pte, VX30227
Ellis, Walter Alfred, Pte, VX26375
Elstead, John Gordon, Pte, VX44954
Enston, Ronald, Pte, VX23764
Ettershank, Moore, Pte, VX26452
Evans, Edward James, Pte, VX38401
Fairchild, Reginald Llewellyn, L/Cpl, VX29751
Fairweather, John Ross, Pte, VX23752
Ferguson, Allan Francis, Pte, VX22932
Firmstone, Eric Douglas, Pte, VX23936
Fisher, Edward Austin, Pte, VX31792
Fitzgerald, Edward Anthony, Pte, VX24224
Forbes, Reginald George, Pte, VX24123
Foster, Andrew Joseph, Pte, NX69365
Fox, Anthony Richard John, Pte, VX46697
Fry, Albert Richard, Pte, VX37635
Fuller, Howard Donnelly, Cpl, VX41149
Fuller, Robert Arthur, Pte, VX42507
Gadsden, Cyril Thomas, Pte, VX44167
Gair, Norman Rothery, L/Cpl, VX28693
Garden, Thomas, Pte, VX26337
Gault, William John, L/Cpl, VX22475
Genat, Bertram Percy, Pte, VX44110
Gibson, Harry, Pte, VX23917
Giles, William Charles, Pte, VX28640
Gittins, Frederick, Pte, VX42242
Goodwin, Harry, L/Sgt, VX24079
Grady, Hector William, Pte, VX30015
Gribble, Ernest Wilfred, Pte, VX48011
Griffin, George Michael, L/Cpl, VX45089
Griffiths, Frederick Thomas, Pte, VX37889
Griffiths, Kevin, Pte, VX37778
Grinlington, William Goulburn, L/Cpl, VX26939
Groat, John George, Pte, VX23647
Guffie, Ernest Raymond, Pte, VX37432
Gullidge, William Arthur, Sgt, VX37499
Hains, Francis Roy, Pte, VX38306
Haisman, Leslie William, Pte, VX40823
Hanchett, Richard Alan, Pte, VX38740
Hancock, Alan Vaughan, Pte, VX36946
Hanigan, Brian Keith, Pte, VX25260
Hannah, Robert Buchanan, Sgt, VX37681
Hanning, Rueben Albert Thomas, Pte, VX44232
Hansford, Eric Joseph, Pte, VX36926
Hanson, Harold Robert, Pte, VX38476
Harcourt, Robert Thomas, Pte, VX19987
Hardy, Reginald Arthur, Pte, VX24164
Harling, Jack Amherst Neville, Cpl, VX43922
Harris, Henry James, L/Cpl, VX28985
Hartley, Thomas Edward, Pte, VX44999
Harvey, Harry Desmond, Pte, VX37492
Hayes, John William, Pte, VX23568
Heffer, Donald George, Pte, VX37308
Henderson, John James William, Pte, VX19568
Hertwig, Allan Henry, Pte, VX48458
Hibbs, Baden Hope, Pte, VX40700
Hickey, Henry James, Pte, VX24156
Hicks, Clarence Frederick, Cpl, VX47899
Hill, Arthur Raymond, Pte, VX21429
Hoare, Melville Archie Earl, L/Cpl, VX35707
Hoare, Richard Arthur, Pte, VX45205
Hodder, Mathew Thomas, L/Cpl, VX38737
Holmes, Roy Harold, Pte, VX23935
Houghton, Alec Henty, Cpl, VX47283
Howard, John Leslie, Pte, VX46854
Howlett, Wilfrid Lancelot, Pte, VX24179
Hoye, Martin Timothy, Pte, VX28632
Hulett, Louis Arthur, Pte, VX21358
I'Anson, Donald, Pte, VX32466
Jackson, William Thomas, Pte, VX25049
Jeffrey, Harry Stevens, L/Sgt, VX25734
Jeffrey, Joseph William, Pte, VX29427
Jobe, Henry Allan, L/Cpl, VX44847
Johnson, John Henry, L/Cpl, VX23546
Joiner, Roy James, Pte, VX23640
Jones, Robert Arthur, Pte, VX22948
Jones, William Albert, Pte, VX38713
Judd, Lester, Pte, VX37843
Kahle, Harold George, Pte, VX47669
Kelly, Russell Livingston, Sgt, VX33979
Kennedy, James Lawrence, Pte, VX30571
Kennedy, Kenneth John, L/Cpl, VX43946
Kennedy, Norris, Pte, VX23834
Ketels, Frederick, Pte, VX21621
Kimber, Thomas, Pte, VX23265
KirkPatrick, Francis Gordon, L/Cpl, VX30813
Kitchen, Stanley, L/Cpl, VX47027
Ladner, William Francis, Pte, VX24105
Lambton, Lawrence, Pte, VX25979
Lambton, Richard, Pte, VX38273
Langlands, Robert Whitton, L/Cpl, VX44864
Lanham, George William, Pte, VX26758
Laurisch, Arthur Waldmar, Pte, VX36488
Leeder, Harold Charles, Sgt, VX37669
Leighton, Raymond Frederick, Pte, VX24557
Lett, Sydney Addis, Pte, VX23101
Lewins, Stephen, Pte, VX37017
Limbert, Frederick George, Pte, VX26548
Linnell, Edward George, Pte, VX24415
Lloyd, Irwin Lesingham Benjamin, Pte, VX27730
Lock, Edwin, Pte, VX27639
Logan, Alfred James, L/Cpl, VX25889
Lumby, Guy Charles, Cpl, VX29635
Lyons, Vincent Arthur, Pte, VX38403
MacGowan, Maxwell Harcourt, Sgt, VX14699
MacKinnon, Richard Clifford, Pte, VX36103
MacLennan, Roderick John, Pte, VX21265
Mahaffy, Gerald, Pte, VX24242
Maher, Charles, Pte, VX36821
Mahony, Patrick Francis, Pte, VX37791
Marshall, Elgar George, Pte, VX47705
Mason, William Raymond, Pte, VX26748
Mathieson, Ainger Vincent, Pte, VX43006
Matthews, Wallace Mervyn, Pte, VX23933
May, Albert, Pte, VX30504
McAdam, Charles James, Pte, VX23147
McArthur, Donald, Pte, VX44284
McCarthy, Ian Leslie, Cpl, VX46438
McClelland, Herbert George, L/Cpl, VX22935
McColl, Allan Stewart, Pte, VX32715
McCutchan, Thomas Ashley, Pte, VX24404
McEachran, Hector Hamilton, Pte, VX38054
McGinnisken, Arthur Thomas, Pte, VX24184
McGowan, Thomas Henry, Pte, VX22959
McGregor, Sydney, Pte, VX24433
McIntosh, George Reakie, Pte, VX14758
McKenna, Arthur Thomas, Pte, VX29179
McKenzie, Maxwell, Pte, VX40227
McKenzie, Murdoch Cameron, Pte, VX24186
McKernan, Charles, L/Cpl, VX23914
McKinlay, Augustine, Cpt, VX21184
McLean, Charles Albert Edward, L/Cpl, VX27189
McLean, Clarence Joseph, Cpl, VX24172
McLean, Leonard Donald, L/Cpl, VX24190
McLellan, Henry Edwin, WO2, VX23892
McLennan, William Avenel, Pte, VX23813
McMahon, John William, Pte, VX28468
McMinn, Robert Darcy, Pte, VX24104
McNally, Patrick William, Sgt, VX46458
McNamara, John James, Pte, VX29194
McPherson, Mervyn Albert Arthur, Pte, VX39656
Meddings, Francis Roy, Pte, VX27254
Meldrum, Alfred Coutts, Pte, VX29726
Melling, William, L/Cpl, VX38226
Melville, Wallace Ross, Pte, VX23748
Meyer, Jack Edward, Pte, VX24132
Meyers, Leslie Ernest, Pte, VX23994
Miller, Frederick Kyle, Pte, VX23372
Millican, Victor Edward, Pte, VX13046
Mills, Robert Gabriel, Pte, VX23962
Mitchell, Albert Ernest, Pte, VX29553
Mitchell, Allan, Pte, VX37825
Mitchell, Mathew Espie, Pte, VX23756
Mitchelson, William, Pte, VX26115
Mitchem, Peter Henry, Pte, VX43495
Mooney, Hamilton, Pte, VX30009
Mooney, Harry Collins, Pte, VX28778
Moore, Dudley, Pte, VX48357
Moorehead, Hughie Claude, Pte, VX48850
Moran, Robert Loftus Hastings, WO2, VX40323
Morgan, Herbert Sidney, Pte, VX48036
Morgan, Herbert William, Cpl, VX40805
Morris, Oliver, Sgt, VX30759
Morton, Gordon James, Pte, VX36881
Moss, Lewis, Pte, VX26651
Murray, Ernest Glen, Pte, VX34563
Naylor, Milton Rupert, Pte, VX23721
Nelson, John Alfred, Pte, VX22863
Newman, Horace George, Pte, VX24138
Newton, Edward John, L/Cpl, VX21625
Nicholls, Jack William, L/Cpl, VX500047
Nisbet, Donald, Pte, VX21363
Nixon, Sydney William, Cpl, VX21364
Norris, Leslie Albert, Cpl, VX23719
Nugent, Raymond Stanley, L/Cpl, VX29537
O'Brien, John Mathew, Pte, VX23924
O'Brien, Lawrence Joseph, Pte, VX37429
Olney, William John, Pte, VX30074
O'Neil, Barry Richard David, Cpl, VX19523
O'Neill, Arthur William, Pte, VX28900
Padey, Stanley, Sgt, VX21748
Palmer, Keith William, Pte, VX42093
Pannell, Harold James, Cpl, VX37513
Parker, James Arthur, Pte, VX22890
Parker, Stanley Reginald, Pte, VX37491
Parsons, John Henry, Pte, VX30375
Pascoe, Frank Wearne, L/Cpl, VX28754
Patterson, Donald Stuart, Pte, VX24110
Pattle, Leslie James, Pte, VX29127
Peachey, Douglas John, Pte, VX23893
Pedder, Leonard, L/Cpl, VX23410
Peel, Dudley Clyde, Cpl, VX24072
Peplow, William Joseph, L/Cpl, VX35842
Peters, Harold Edward, Pte, VX46523
Philp, Edward Clive, Pte, VX26656
Pitt, Arthur, Cpl, VX43971
Powell, Ian Campbell, Pte, VX29302
Price, Donald Keith, Pte, VX23926
Purves, Thomas Arthur, Cpl, VX28166
Quinn, Laurence, Pte, VX43012
Radford, Ernest, Pte, VX46496
Ravenhill, Stanley, Pte, VX26605
Reichelt, John, Sgt, VX21640
Reid, Harold John, Pte, VX30852
Render, David, Pte, VX32916
Rentle, Charles Donald, Pte, VX25779
Reynalds, Clyde Vincent, Pte, VX30789
Robertson, John Stanley, Cpl, VX37497
Robins, Norman Charles, Pte, VX47692
Robinson, Cyril George, Pte, VX28880
Rodgers, Robert George, L/Cpl, VX23908
Ross, Robert Edward, L/Cpl, VX48415
Rossiter, Albert Douglas, Pte, VX26017
Rowland, Lindsay Ebenezer, Pte, VX24175
Russell, Kevin George, Pte, VX30014
Russell, Robert William, Cpl, VX26518
Ryan, George Edward, Pte, VX28580
Sangster, Thomas, S/Sgt, VX43436
Sargeant, Arthur James, Pte, VX24120
Sawyer, Horace, Pte, VX25013
Schilling, Victor Gordon, L/Cpl, VX41250
Scott, Edgar Campbell, Pte, VX38551
Seach, Leslie John, Pte, VX38851
Shaw, Geoffrey George, Pte, VX37445
Simmonds, Thomas Royston, Pte, VX26037
Simpson, Joseph Owen, L/Cpl, VX23715
Smalley, Leonard Percy, Pte, VX30116
Smalley, Percy Thomas, Cpl, VX30100
Smeaton, John, L/Cpl, VX44168
Smith, David Frankland, Cpl, VX44521
Smith, Donald Steward, Cpl, VX38091
Smith, Jack Alexander, Cpl, VX29573
Smith, Leonard Stanley, Pte, VX26947
Smith, Neil Stanford, Pte, VX37494
Smith, William Allan Geoffrey, L/Cpl, VX37739
Soutar, George, Pte, VX47702
Spears, John Malcolm, Pte, VX19322
Spence, John David, Pte, VX37019
Spriggs, Ronald Allan, L/Cpl, VX23954
Spunner, Richard Leslie, Sgt, VX23667
Stanley, Allan, Pte, VX36738
Stewart, James Mcnab, Pte, VX38168
Stillman, Edward Charles, Pte, VX44240
Stuart, Henry John, L/ Cpl, VX47695
Stubberfield, Leo Francis, Pte, VX41497
Stubbs, Maxwell Roy, Pte, VX47681
Supple, John Grenville, Pte, VX23957
Sutherland, John Price, Pte, VX42440
Tait, Colin Alexander, Pte, VX38688
Thies, Conrad Henry, Pte, VX37152
Thomas, Ernest James, Cpl, VX41403
Thomas, George, Pte, VX45373
Thomas, Rank Mortimer, Pte, VX37498
Thompson, John Villias, Pte, VX44685
Thompson, John William, Pte, VX24375
Thomson, Duncan Henry, L/Cpl, VX24140
Thornton, Frank Edgar, Pte, VX27908
Thurst, James Riley, Pte, VX47625
Toms, Cecil Howard, Pte, VX37531
Toms, Claude Hector, Pte, VX33107
Toogood, Reginald Francis, L/Cpl, VX23941
Trigg, Wilfred Ernest, Cpl, VX40058
Tulloch, Bruce, Pte, VX45812
Turner, Clive Oswald, L/Cpl, VX30283
Tweddle, Charles Joseph, Pte, VX46297
Twigg, Leslie Vernon, Pte, VX21240
Vinen, Edward Harold, Pte, VX46790
Vinnell, Arthur Raymond, Pte, VX47742
Wainewright, William Lewis, L/Cpl, VX24139
Walker, Robert James, Pte, VX47917
Walker, Ronald Harry, L/Cpl, VX44608
Wall, Leonard Francis, Pte, VX25486
Wallace, Duncan, Pte, VX26100
Wallis, Robert John, Pte, VX45856
Walsh, Ralph, Pte, VX32549
Warner, Milton Alfred, Pte, VX23455
Watkins, George Lymington, Pte, VX36634
Watkins, Reginald Joseph, Pte, VX37495
Watson, Anthony Raymond, Sgt, VX46166
Wear, Ronald William Newton, Pte, VX30369
Wear, Thomas Alfred, Pte, VX29099
Wells, Henry Matthew, L/Cp1, VX44740
Wharton, John William Campbell, Pte, VX23645
White, John George Stanley, Pte, VX32827
White, Norman Edward, Pte, VX23976
White, William, Pte, VX22881
Whitehead, James Francis, Pte, VX25084
Williams, Ivan Charles, Pte, VX47644
Williams, Lloyd Lentell, Cpl, VX50632
Willis, Valentine Charles, Pte, VX37528
Wilson, Edward Robert, Pte, VX16950
Wilson, John Andrew, Pte, VX25043
Wilson, Keith Allen, Pte, VX47659
Wilson, Phillip, Pte, VX45975
Wilson, Straun Raymond, Pte, VX44390
Wilton, Robert Macdonald, Cpl, VX41606
Wittingslow, Charles Thomas, Pte, VX37917
Wood, Albert Lyle, Pte, VX35018
Woodford, Jack, Pte, VX27701
Woodhams, Orville Hugh, L/Sgt, VX30687
Wright, William, Pte, VX47223
Wythe, Basil, Pte, VX24187
Wythe, Rex, Pte, VX18861
Young, Cyril Raymond, Pte, VX24362
Zanker, Maxwell, L/Cpl, VX24914
AIF 7 Hvy Bty, Royal Australian Artillery
Dinon, Paul Vincent Peter, Bdr, TX4377
AIF 8 Div Supply Column, Australian Army Service Corps
Burgess, Ernest Leslie, Pte, NX26478
Callaghan, Neill Ross, Pte, NX52913
Hepburn, George William, Pte, NX30767
Lord, Francis Hilary, Sgt, NX31037
Mansley, Frederick William, Pte, NX60075
Newton, Thomas Eric, Pte, NX33388
Walker, James Alexander, Pte, NX56794
Watson, Harry Stewart, Pte, NX57063
Westaway, Clarence Albert, Pte, NX28482
White, William Robert Noel, Pte, NX59856
AIF A/A and Mil Landing Craft Defence (Rabaul), Royal Australian Artillery
Alcock, Thomas Montague, Gnr, NX191470
Alexander, Robert Henry, Gnr, NX191471
Arrow, Earl James, Gnr, NX191455
Barraclough, Anthony King, Gnr, NX191480
Biden, Peter, Gnr, NX191444
Carter, Noel Frederick William, Gnr, NX191475
Cook, Colin, Gnr, NX191446
Cooper, Arthur Cecil, Gnr, NX191469
Denton, Albert Reginald, Gnr, NX191456
Evans, John Neville, Gnr, NX191472
Gilchrist, Bruce McIntosh, Sgt, NX191442
Gordon, Thomas, Gnr, NX191459
Graycon, Ronald, Gnr, NX191461
Green, Ernest, Sgt, NX191434
Gumley, Darald, Gnr, NX191473
Hannon, William Athol, Gnr, NX191462
Harrington, George Christopher, Gnr, NX191465
Hartigan, Brian Robert, L/Bdr, NX191448
Heriot, Francis James, Bdr, NX191485
McKenzie, Albert Belgium, Gnr, NX191458
Murphy, John Joseph, Gnr, NX191478
O'Shea, John William, Gnr, NX191445
Parker, Arthur, L/Bdr, NX191449
Peters, Hamilton John Fredrick, Sgt, NX191443
Regan, Charles Alphonsus, Gnr, NX191476
Salway, Patrick Joseph, Gnr, NX191468
Seamark, Jeffrey Charles, Gnr, NX191481
Valle, Bartholomew, Gnr, NX191463
Ward, Albert Arnold, L/Bdr, NX191447
Williams, Alfred Ernest, Gnr, NX191454
Woodhouse, Albert James, Gnr, NX191451
AIF Attd to 1 Indep Coy, Australian Corps of Signals
Dwyer, Ronald Ernest, Sigmn, QX17983
AIF Australian Army Canteens Service
Job, Spencer Roy, S/Sgt, VX129351
AIF Australian Army Ordnance Corps
Bollman, Alexander Francis, Pte, QX64940
Burdett, Charles Richard, Sgt, QX64912
Deakin, Arthur Henry, Cpl, QX64937
Gerard, Henry Courtney, Pte, QX64935
Ingold, Stanley Arthur, Pte, QX64931
Keid, Norman Leslie, Cpl, QX64902
Kelly, George Herbert, Cpl, QX64925
McGavin, Frederick Walter, WO2, QX64939
McGowan, James, S/Sgt, QX64913
Power, Frederick Robert, Cpl, QX64928
Samuels, Albert August, Sgt, QX6491 1
Tacey, Arthur Phillimore, Sgt, QX64910
Wallis, Ronald Edward, Pte, QX64944
AIF Australian Army Service Corps
Butler, Edward Joseph, Pte, QX64932
AIF Engineers' Stores Branch, Royal Australian Engineers
Wyatt, Henry Ernest, L/Sgt, NX191489
AIF Fortress Coy (Rabaul), Royal Australian Engineers
Halliday, Ronald Keith, Cpl, SX38280
AIF Fortress Coy, Royal Australian Engineers
Burrowes, Robert, Sgt, VX129397
Mann, Eric Charles, Sgt, VX129404
AIF Fortress Engineers (Rabaul), Royal Australian Engineers
Brown, John, Spr, QX64926
Lovett, Norman Jonathan, Spr, QX64927
Vale, August Francis, Spr, VX129409
AIF Fortress Engineers Fixed Defences, Royal Australian Engineers
Donegan, John Francis, WO2, SX38277
AIF Fortress Engineers, Royal Australian Engineers
Bernaldo, John Charles, Cpl, VX129399
Booth, Cyril, Spr, VX129363
Chenhall, Drene Walton, Spr, VX129400
Core, Richard Matthew, Cpl, SX38279
Crozier, Robert Vance, Sgt, VX129398
Edwards, Melvin Reginald, Cpl, SX38278
Fisher, Albert Keith, Spr, VX129341
Hannah, Geoffrey, Cpl, VX129410
Heeley, George, Spr, VX129352
Jeffress, Clifford Humphrey, Spr, VX129407
Jones, John Thomas, Cpl, VX129402
Mottershead, Frederick Thomas, Spr, VX129403
Peters, George Edward, Spr, VX129365
Picken, Lyall Reginald, L/Cpl, TX4419
Rawlings, William Michael, Spr, VX129366
Render, John Mervyn, Spr, VX129387
Reynard, John Saville, Cpl, VX129337
Simmons, Francis William, Cpl, VX129405
Stephens, Donald Keith, Spr, VX129371
Williams, Francis Gordon, Spr, TX44 1 1
AIF Fortress Signals, Australian Corps of Signals
Fidler, Donald Joseph, Cpl, VX129412
Hennessy, Thomas Stanley, Sigmn, VX129364
Morcom, Douglas Roy, S/Sgt, VX129335
Tomlinson, William James, Sigmn, VX129386
AIF HQ New Guinea Area
Allen, John Peter Langley, Cpl, QX64943
Corley, Kevin, Pte, QX64922
Ede, Edward Thomas, Pte, QX64930
Neil, Jack Maurice, Cpl, QX64906
Tummon, Alan Stanley, Pte, QX64915
AIF Hvy A.A. Bty, Royal Australian Artillery
Kingston, Raymond Hugh, Gnr, QX64916
AIF Hvy Bty Spec Coast Def Force, Royal Australian Artillery
Codd, Ralph Alan, Sgt, SX11442
AIF Hvy Bty, Royal Australian Artillery
Ashley, Ivan Edward George, Gnr, VX129354
Bapty, Lance, Sgt, NX191432
Bell, David Leith, Gnr, VX129353
Boswell, Charles Arthur, Gnr, VX129393
Brown, Leslie Milner, Gnr, VX129377
Carr, John Eshott, Gnr, TX4362
Clay, Maurice Arthur, Gnr, VX129376
Claydon, Charles Edward, Gnr, VX129360
Crawford, Alfred Johnson, Bdr, TX4360
Crawford, Harold Maxwell, Gnr, TX4364
Cummins, Edward Francis, Gnr, VX129379
Dale, Ronald Arthur, Gnr, VX129374
Dalton, Francis Patrick, Bdr, VX129336
Dowling, Peter Gordon, L/Bdr, SX11419
Edelsten, Ivor, Gnr, VX129339
Evans, Douglas Richard, Gnr, SX11421
Evans, Owen Albert, Gnr, NX191464
Fitzgerald, Joseph Bruce, Gnr, TX4367
Hatcher, Ivan Lee Olden, Gnr, VX129348
Herron, Alfred Henry, Gnr, VX129349
Howell, Angus McIntyre, Sgt, SX11424
Ireland, Keith Henry, Gnr, NX191486
James, James Richard, Gnr, VX129370
Jeffreys, Alan Claude, Gnr, TX4365
Johns, William, Gnr, NX191435
Jones, Lewis Bertrimus, Gnr, VX129359
Kavanagh, James Lydiate, Gnr, VX129383
Lewis, Alfred Henry John, Gnr, TX4363
Locantro, Robert, Gnr, VX129369
Malcolm, Alan Lindsay, Gnr, VX129358
Martin, Lloyd Edward, Gnr, VX129381
McCallum, Harley Douglas, Gnr, VX1294115
McInnes, Francis Thomas, Gnr, VX129356
McIntosh, Keith Reginald James, Gnr, VX129413
McLean, Leslie James, Gnr, VX129382
McShane, Gerald John, Gnr, TX4383
Miller, Alvin George Parke, Gnr, VX129372
Moore, Francis Frederick, Gnr, VX129340
Mundy, Ronald Alfred, Gnr, TX4356
O'Connor, Harold Victor, Gnr, NX191439
Oliver, Arthur Raymond, Gnr, VX129378
Parkin, Reginald George, Gnr, VX129375
Pearce, John Haywood, Gnr, TX4393
Perryman, James Edward, Gnr, VX129347
Phillips, David Edward, L/Bdr, TX4366
Porter, Henry, Gnr, VX129343
Price, John William, L/Bdr, SX11430
Robb, Ronald Parker, Gnr, NX191433
Rosewarne, Clarence William, Gnr, VX129395
Rowe, Charles Thomas, Gnr, VX129394
Shands, Reginald David, Gnr, VX129355
Shaw, William Frederick, Sgt, VX129350
Small, Frederick Charles, S/Sgt, SX11433
Sparks, Arthur John, Gnr, VX129368
Steer, Thomas Frederick, Gnr, VX129367
Taylor, Frank Summerton, Bdr, SX11434
Thornell, James Frederick, Gnr, VX129344
Tucker, Ernest George, Gnr, VX129396
Warhurst, William, S/Sgt, TX4358
Westcott, William Percy, Gnr, VX129357
White, James William, L/Bdr, SX11454
Wiltshire, Joseph William, Gnr, VX129362
Wise, Gilbert Charles, Bdr, TX4379
AIF L Force, Australian Army Canteen Service
Crosbie, John Bernard, Pte, QX64914
AIF L Fortress Coy, Royal Australian Engineers
Domeney, Rowland Ernest, Cpl, TX4408
Rodway, John Leonard, Cpl, TX4413
Taylor, Henrie Harold, Spr, TX4414
AIF L Fortress Signals, Australian Corps of Signals
Davidson, George Thomas, Cpl, VX129411
Price, Thomas Vernon, L/Cpl, SX38284
Scriven, Arnold Claude, Sigmn, SX38286
AIF L Hvy Bty, Royal Australian Artillery
Anderson, Reginald George, Gnr, TX5218
Bartels, Thomas Godfrey, Gnr, TX4368
Garnett, Kenneth James Elliot, Bdr, TX4385
Grundy, Maxwell Charles, Gnr, TX4446
Hardy, Keith Mollineaux, Gnr, TX4402
Jordon, Eric Henson, Bdr, TX4381
Lovell, Leslie Lewis, Gnr, TX4448
Newman, Keith Alfred, Gnr, TX4399
Paton, Mervyn George, Bdr, TX4392
Ramsay, John Laurie, Bdr, TX4384
Richards, Eric Surcombe, Bdr, TX4380
Stevens, Brian Jeffrey, Gnr, TX4391
Sullivan, Walter Derwent George, Gnr, TX4386
Taylor, Gordon Eric, Gnr, SX11499
Traill, Aubrey Thomas, Gnr, TX4427
Triffett, Ronald Clement, Gnr, TX4389
Walker, George William John, L/Bdr, TX4374
AIF L Sect Fortress Signals
Batchler, Alan James, Sigmn, TX16308
AIF L Spec Coast Def Force, Royal Australian Engineers
Findlay, Donald Douglas, Spr, SX38283
AIF New Guinea Volunteer Rifles, Australian Infantry
Allsop, Kenneth Charles, Rfn, NGX464
Beckett, Harold James, Rfn, NGX465
Bird, Robert Allan, Cpl, NGX500
Bischoff, Conrad Rylstone, Rfn, NGX461
Brain, Robert Marshall, Cpl, NGX502
Bryen, Francis Charles, Rfn, NGX491
Deacon, Leslie Allan, Rfn, NGX505
Evans, William John, Sgt, NGX471
Florance, Victor A., Sgt, NGX508
Geldard, Garth Albert, Rfn, NGX511
Goodwyn, Hugh Royle, Rfn, NGX472
Haslam, Frederick, Cpl, NGX493
Hopkins, Eric Ralph, Rfn, NGX473
Houghton, Charles William Booth, Rfn, NGX510
Johnson, Andrew Albert, Rfn, NGX462
Johnston, Liniker, Rfn, NGX513
Ledger, William Allan, Rfn, NGX474
MacAdam, Eric George, L/Cpl, NGX503
Maclean, Charles Ian, Sgt, NGX475
McEwan, William Frederick, Sgt, NGX476
Moore, Charles Hubert George, Rfn, NGX506
Phillpott, Wilfred Henry, Rfn, NGX477
Plummer, Horace Oswald, S/Sgt, NGX478
Rankin, Douglas John, Rfn, NGX509
Reynolds, William Robert, Rfn, NGX480
Ross, Harold J, Rfn, NGX481
Ryan, Francis William, Sgt, NGX501
Saunders, Lionel Cyril, Rfn, NGX482
Shoobridge, Ivan, Rfn, NGX492
Spensley, George William, Cpl, NGX490
Stewart, Allan Duncan, Bdr, NGX499
Stewart, Gordon Dudley, Cpl, NGX498
Tait, Richard Ernest, Rfn, NGX485
Venning, Frank Osmond, Rfn, NGX486
Walker, Garth Elliston, Cpl, NGX487
Waterman, Frank Alfred, Rm, NGX489
AIF Rabaul Fortress Coy, Royal Australian Engineers
Mountford, Ferderick Arthur, WO2, QX64901
AIF Rabaul Hvy Bty, Royal Australian Artillery
Armstrong, William, S/Sgt, VX129416
Barnett, Terrance Joseph, Gnr, QX64919
Casey, Kevin Patrick, Gnr, QX64921
Fahey, John, Gnr, QX64920
Hodges, Leslie Arthur, Gnr, QX64933
Kirk, Brian Jack, Sgt, TX4359
McAuliffe, Michael John, Gnr, QX64924
McCaffrey, Frederick, WO2, SX38289
Mills, Jack, Gnr, SX11448
AIF Royal Australian Artillery
Gratton, Keith William, Sgt, SX11445
Haywood, Creighton Charles George, Gnr, SX11446
Lees, George Allen, Bdr, VX129346
Matthews, Gordon Frederick, L/Bdr, SX11449
AIF Spec Coast Def Force, Royal Australian Artillery
Higgins, Douglas Kevin Ian, Bdr, SX11426
AIF Special Coast Defence Force, Royal Australian Engineers
Murray, Mervyn James, Spr, SX38282
Kelly, James Fitzgerald, W/O, 882
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